The Transformation

[May 21st 2006]

: 19th May 2006
SUBJECT : Michelle aka zyenn
TRANSFORMATION : Mature curly hair look to slightly more youthful/cute/bordering the lala line look.



Now to clear the confusion in yur kepalas

firstly, no i did not straighten my head, its blow hair is naturally straight n lacks body.

secondly, me had to cut my hair cos it was frizzin up...sigh the downside of gettin your head permed.

ive never had hair this short for like 5 years??? yeahh..

what still depressed over losing me curlie wurlies...but nvm...sooon...very very sooon ill get my curls back... and this time im gona make sure they behave :D

*chants to self* hair grows....*sobs*...they GROW...*pouts*

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