The Last Day

[May 27th 2006]

yesterday was my last day of work....


wow 3 weeks of data entry, finally came to an end *bounces with joy* im happy cos i dont have to get up super early in the morning anymore...(even my new Uni timetable doesnt require me to get up at 6) :)

stayed back till about 9 yesterday to firstly, wait for the rain to subside and to key in as many entries as i can ( so i can make more $). Went out for lunch (for the 1st time) with my colleagues to some coffee shop famous for curry yong tau foo noodles @ glenmarie. But i didnt eat that famous yong tau foo cos i was havin a bad bad throat + flu + headache+ god knows which other part of my body is malfunctioning...

cause of sore throat - >10 cups of milo per day for 2 weeks
cause of flu - jumping into aircond room and ZzzZz right after bathing
cause of headache - not enough of ZzzZz

i just realised (from readin some article) that not enough sleep also causes weight gain :S

ok back to talking about my part time job...throughout this 3 weeks, i can say that i really got to know more about how a company functions and opened my eyes to politics in the workplace...and of course the gossipin... its kinda freaky how people can just smile and be all nice in front of u but stab your back when your not there...*shrugs* the best line ive heard was...

"if you wanna survive in a company, dont stick with her...because its only natural to not get so close with
people the boss dislikes..."

sigh...nvm shall not get so worried about that, i'm sure i'll have my fair share of company gossips to face in the near future...

troughout these few weeks also, because of my very strategic seat position in the office (right in the middle) i got to observe the behaviors, habits of most of my colleagues..analyze them....hahaha (yesh i observe a psychology student ok) and ive been able to identify several personalities, Type A...Type B..ok i think i shall stop right there :P

my colleague
brought her wedding album for me to admire at yesterday!! Some of the pics were really nice and the poses were all very natural but some of em i thought were abit jeng because of the dresses and head gear, the colors, the lighting and aiyah u know what i mean. All of those pics and albums for 3000++ bucks. Pretty worth it. I especially loved one of her pics where she n her husband were all in white, the background and all were white and she was holding a bouquet of red roses...with a little help of photoshop, the colors of the roses were really pretty and it became the focus of the whole picture...beautiful!!!

The rest of the girls in the office spent the last few hours of work checking out pics of wedding dresses online while i was busy entering data (was so itchy to go join them!! but i gotta meet my target entries!!) hehe one of them will be getting married soon , i made sure i will be invited!

i miss attending weddings :) i remember on the last wedding ceremony i attended, the couple both lit a huge ass candle with a lit candle in their hands each...2 souls united and living as 1...i almost teared k cos it was so touching *shy* Btw i was dining @ Cafe De Sky Garden the other day and there was a wedding going on at the other half of the restaurant...the bride was sooo prettyyy!! but when she opened her gap -___-..... POtonggggggggg hahaha cos she has like the squeaky lalaish kinda voice...
God is fair O=)

this place serves italian vegetarian food, food is reasonably priced and yummy too!! The interior is pretty :) but too bad my camera wasn't with me, used mummy's phone to snap these 2 pics, not very clear so go visit the place yourself to admire the interior :p This restaurant is the only vegetarian restaurant that doesn't have that "vegetarian meat" kinda smell , i cant tahan that smell, seriously, yucks.

The other half of the restaurant where the wedding dinner was going on.

One more thing, this place only takes cashhh so robbers u noe where to go and people who wants to go there for other purposes (i. e. Makan) bring more cash. Me recommend the pizzas :D

i think im done with writing now, shall add pics to make this post less boring :p

Starters...yum YUm YUM. Brandy + Coke on the right

Then we have the shark's fin...

The spring onions were shaped into pig's tail and the reason why there were so many of em is because the suckling pig only has 1 cute lil tail and it cant be shared with everyone on the thats y they substituted the pig's tail with the spring onions. Now u know y leh..chehhHHhhh~ hahah i learnt this on that night so now im sharing it :D

Then the suckling pig (my apologies to muslim readers)

Fish fillet with macademia love!!

Prawns...for me to look, im allergic to prawns but i love eating prawns...but im allergic ..but i love them
CHEERSSS!!!!!ALL LAughSSss...when boss made his speech.

i managed to snap a few more pics of the things i'll miss

my chair...this seat is super comfortable!! unlike my first seat blerghh...this chair was the seat of Michael, who left us, my previoius seat was Ivan's ...Ivan came back from Vietnam so i had to return his seat ..(damn sad right i dont even have my own seat).

I'l miss laughing at names/entries like these hahaha...Law How Sui means drooling in canto btw

And of course, I'll miss the MILO...

one cup like this equals to 2 cups from the machine, i have an average of 5 cups like this everyday, now u know why i got my sore throat

having my last cup of milo after meeting my target entries around 9 pm @ the office...see how tired i looked, and im not gona conceal it :P

btw i realised my hair still has curls!!! and it could still last if i put in abit of effort to make it curl :D


a clearer view of the curls..

i know im obsessed with curls >___<

hehe thats all for now, buhbye and make sure u drink more water :D

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