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[May 8th 2006]

...Started working today at mum's office..the people there are pretty nice...Pretty helpful when consulted, some offered my snacks and some even offered to buy me lunch...i got so many questions bout my age (because my mum looks so young they cant believe how big her daughter is) and comments ( most saying how pweetee i am) and alot about how mum and i look so alike haha...Best comment though was from the big boss

"Oh mayRie so this is your daughter...Prettier than u.."

Theres this binbo colleague of mum who's really erm concern about me and kept saying how my eyes could "deen" people (as in zap) -__- abit the fake la but then whatever she's cute..always smiling and bounces when she walks...will check to confirm about the bouncing tmr

work however, was B-O-R-I-N-G but tiresome. i thought i wouldn't need much brain activity to Enter data BUT haha i thought wrongly, spent so much time recognising the handwriting which are BY THE WAY...99% HORRIBLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE (OMG!!!) some people are even so odd to write their chinese names in the names section (entries are in English), but then again those odd form came from mostly village areas in Penang, and so i had to give them my own interpretation of their names in English depending on my memory of how those words sound in Mandarin...too bad la kampung people :P hehehe some are real cute too, they put "girl" or "Nu" (the chinese character of female) in the gender section...i donno i just find it cute...hehe

Erm what else, OH my fingers hurt so bad cos ive been typing non-stop sigh...and and OH i drank 7 Freaking cups of Milo today hahaha. There is this Nescafe machine in the pantry and its FOC la obviously, so being the Milo addict i am, i kept refilling my cup as many times as i want hehehe gona try the teh-tarik fromt he machine tomorow...Bish mum wants the laptop ( i want my own laptop to work..y cant connect to internet :S) i went to a salon last Sat and so crown of glory looks xtra glorious on sunday and today...sigh so dont feel like washing it :S but i have to...i cant stand not washinbg my hair for more than a day...:S

---TO BE COntinUEd--

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