My NEW Goals

[May 27th 2006 ]

i duno whats wrong with blogger, cant seem to adjust the font size of my last post..bishhh

btw im gona start setting new goals because my old goals never worked...they worked the other way around thou...

1) Im gona make my study room as messy as dirty as possible

2) Im gona eat as much as i can and will not exercise so i can rival any fat chick on the earth

3) Im gona stay awake all night and have great skin with juicy zits and classy eye bags

4) Im gona bath as late as possible and jump right into bed after bathing so ill get sick

5) Im not gona touch my future text books and will procrastinate when it comes to doing assignments and studying.

so new goals -__-

Listen to this and scroll down to read the lyrics in my previous post
Dishwalla-Every Little Thing

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