i think i should change this into a food blog, because ive been going places, eating so much good food that i feel so guilty just thinking back bout it :(

just a little summary here alright,

(lunch) : Freaking awesome seafood platter @ Fish and Co.

(dinner) : Freaking awesome North Indian cuisine@ (ive to check the spelling again)

(lunch) : Dim sum, sharksfin buffet @ Noble House
(dinner) : Peking Duck @ Sunrise in paramount

(lunch) : the perfect malaysian lunch (awesome nasi lemak, curry laksa, otak-otak) @ uncle Lim's in Ikano
(dinner) : food was not very nice but the fruit tea was @ vege green in Ikano
(dessert) : berry yogurt drink(soooooooooo good), forgot what we ordered though but just loads of delicious pancakes laaa @ paddington's pancakes...

all those food and im supposed to be on a diet
ha. ha. ha. (images will be up soon)

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