Jason Castro

I'm officially on a Jason Castro music marathon craze.

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7 to 5

the first half of my day was very eventful.

come come i show u timeline ( don't bother reading if you're not interested in my mundane life lo..I've got many exits at the sidebar...btw just updated the links)

715 - 730 stone in bed...decide its about time to not stone in bed...wash up....drank coffee (the only reason why I had my energy the whole day)

800 -1000 marveled at cross cultural stories by lecturer at MainBlock.

10 - 11 ish drove to UH. Drove a minimum of 7 rounds around the hospital waiting for granny

11ish - 12ish had lunch with granny @ Sri Paandi

12 ish went by the perodua showroom to check out the Nautica. Drooled at it. Gasps at the price list.

still 12ish went by cousins place to collect some stuff. I also pee-ed there in case if you're interested.

1ish surfed around at home. Wrote a paragraph for my assignment.

2ish drove back to college for group discussion/ meeting with lecturer.

3ish drove back from college, sent group mates home and to the LRT station.

4ish almost hit an ignorant pedestrian who crossed the road in front of William's without surveying the traffic causing him and myself alot of trauma. He was rubbin his chest in fear as he stepped back while i braked.

430 received call from another passenger and drove all the way to Sunway and back home. Passenger did not pay me my cabbie fees.

5ish back home and suffering from ache-y right leg.

still 5 ish got very jealous of brother's assignments. He gets to sketch and draw all sorta shapes and patterns on Hugh Grant while i have to critic a journal. WHYYYY?!

still 5 ish decides that i will steal my brother's acrylic paint for future nail art cravings.

i wonder if my day will continue to be sooooooooo eventful with the night falls in.

*It so won't be because I'd have to stare at the comp for assignment's sake*


I needed to add in this line

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what i want is not necessarily what i need

I miss camwhoring. I don't share that once very intimate relationship i had with my camera anymore.

I don't even bother if it's battery is not fully charged everytime i bring it out.

I don't even bring it's pouch out whenever i carry it around.

its so sad...



i want a new camera.


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random thoughts

I'm feeling hyperactive.

I want to sing. Every other song i've heard today seems to be stuck in my head and i can't shut up!

I want to do stupid things. like imitating radio operators, tv/radio advertisements. my absolute FAV past time.

I want to get my assignments done.
bergaya-gaya play psychologist and write my informed consent form and bergaya-gaya play simon cowell to critic a research paper. But am confused...

I want to go bathe wong kam kam. He's so yellow and dirty. I want to scrub it till it becomes bright white. hah.

I want to eat. some more...fooood food glorious foooodddd...

I want to do more random thingsssss. ie...ahem ahem ahem ahem and ahem..

more random thoughts...

i cannot stand rigidity. absolutely loathe situations where i feel like I'm being suppressed of my *ahem* whatever creativity i think i have and also the freedom to express whatever i want to do however i want to do it.

I don't think I will ever be able to work under people
in future because i want to be in control most of the time. I'm all about teamwork but i think i need that extra power to influence. I'm so full of myself i know...

I'll prolly read this back 10 years later while being totally frustrated about work and complaining about my boss,

who would be totally bitchy and cold towards me if it was a she (because i would have nicer hair than her) but i can't do anything about it because she's my boss


who might prolly be the biggest joke the world has ever seen if it was a he because he couldn't even get carry himself with integrity as a boss.

I don't think I'll ever fit in the corporate world...it does not appeal to me a single bit to work in big MNCs and earning moolah that way.

I'll prolly read this back 10 years later being a successful workaholic in some MNC or...some kuchi rat in some MNC.

basically what i'm trying to say is I think i gotta be my own boss in future...i don't know...i have no plans...and i don't know how to plan ahead....heck i can't even decide on a design for my thesis. :( so what more planning my future...:(

I cannot imagine being just another one of those OLs in future. Going out for lunches at ricebowls and then having my hair smell like chicken rice after lunch while sitting (sitting = bigger ass) in front of a computer and....work.

(This is gonna sound very biased but its just a personal stereotype that i cannot avoid)

I don't know why but i feel "bored" just looking at them going out in a bunch to have lunch...


I want to be something else! Don't ask me what I don't know yet! (I'll prolly read this back 10 years later during a lunch break at some office)


bah don't want things to get in my way and I don't want to conform to society's standards of success. don't kacau me! I want to stay in my world, my bubble, my lane.

so please don't cut my lane...I'm only driving one of those low powered vehicles (wong kam kam) and thats why it might take me slightly longer to get to wherever i want in life. But I'll get there! I so will! with shell V-power....hmm

I'll prolly read this back in future with a body measuring at 36 38 42 and still waiting to go for lunch breaks or "quarter past three afternoon tea" with a bunch of other OLs.

...thats pretty darn scary okay.

don't bother me or i'll shoot.
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mingzi almighty

¤...Name-less-[...].¤ says (2:12 AM):

i scare u love me too much only

Sorry i cannot contain my Lup for you right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much for saving me....*shy*

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its alright to look back

one thing i'd highly recommend for a blogger to do when he/she is feeling down...lonely....hopeless....

is to read back his/her archives.

cos that always makes me feel much better about myself.

now u have a lovely night
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1 and a 1/2 years later...


guess what, i found a video of myself on youtube!

it was me giving a testimonial after attending some financial management workshop where all of us who attended played this financial game called the "rat race".

The video was uploaded almost one and a half years ago!!!!!!!! & i just found outttt about it while googling my name (don't act like you've never done it hahahha)...

*curse and swear*

after attending this workshop i was kinda forced to give a testimonial while being videod but nobootie got my consent to put it up online!!! i didn't sign no release papers yo!

I look so bodo being so lost for words, "Errrr-ing" every other second and they even cut me off halfwayyyyyyyyy...-___-

so maluuuuuuuuu...

one and a half years ago you know!

and i look horrible...O.O

talking about googling i also found this site called rapleaf or something and that site was damn freakyyyyy because it had links of all my networking sites on it and even a "profile" of myself.

My friendster, flickr, bloglog, myspace etc accounts were all linked up in with info like my age, occupation and country of origin, ALL in that profile that i NEVER created!!

some sort of online directory i supposed, its kinda scary to know things like these exist...........

*puts on sunnies and tries to disguise self*

ps. don't laugh at me in the vid k i know i sounded stupid, instead take my advice and start focusing on your LONG TERM GOAL, THE BIGGER PICTURE in anything you do yea?

*strokes imaginary beard*

maybe i should start to vlog hahaha

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exactly what i'm doing

taken from weblogcartoons.com

I'm living up to my title (self assigned) of being procrastinatorzyennthegreat. I guess the problem with me is a fear rejection. not just human kinda rejection, but also obstacles (that are like a form of rejection) i face when trying to work on something, to be more specific, something I'm not even that interested in working on in the first place.

The difference with me working on something i like and something i don't is that when i'm working on something i have zilch knowledge about but am damn interested in, I'd spend ALL MY TIME figuring how to get things done and put in damn alot of effort to make sure i researched everything with any available resources. Basically, die die also will get it done.

IN CONTRAST to that, when I'm working on something i don't have much interest in........I would not even pick up that textbook staring at me *points to the direction of ze stupid dry book* EVEN when i know I'll get my answers there.

so what am i gonna do about that?

die lo...

*picks up ugly textbook VERY reluctantly*


on a totally different note.

i love brainstorming for ideas! and i've got some ideas already, i might work on it this weekend...or not...because i kinda have something that is supposedly more important to attend to first. cis. i wish i had a team of people working under me so that

A, alloey would jot down whatever ideas i have
B, bernardo would then further conceptualize my ideas
C, corrinney would source for whatever materials i need
D, duffiely would make me coffee
E, edwarod would do my laundry
F, fuelish would do my nails...btw theres something odd going on with my nails (or maybe my nail polish)

haha i have a team of people with (funny/ridiculous) names that qualify them as hongkiess.

back to my nails...

you see, they'd look awesome and shiny every time after painting them but a few hours later, i would have bubbles and dots rising up from the surface making my nails look awfully rough. buggerrr (haha f u l t o n). i tried cheap polish and it turns out this way, i tried my sally hansen and the same thing happened. So i'm speculating its my nails....or maybe the way i paint my nails. Whatever it is, its annoying and i'm not happy. I know me being so bimbotic is annoying to you also, but i don't really bother because I'm typing with ugly nails.

on another totally different note, i think I've cited some articles written by our dear Dr f u l t o n (a new lecturer) before because his name just looks damn familiar when i first saw the timetable. I...i reallyyy thinkkkk i cited some of his work before but i just don't remember which....

"G r a h a m F u l t o n
P h D. "
(must learn skill from baybee to avoid being detected by search engines hehe *muaxx*)

really really familiar looking....

*gives up trying to recall*

bah... maybe what i remember seeing was

Graham Crackers - 200 gm

in one of my recipe books

Talking bout recipe books, i reckon i make pretty damn good chinese-style fried macaroni. heh. Because i craveeee for what i made hohoho and in order for food to be considered prettydamnawesome to me, it has to have that ability to make me crave for it.

*sings* I've got the power!

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Here in my home

If you're Malaysian, Click to watch.

all of a sudden, i miss singing in the choir back in dj.
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Yay for COOK!


anyways i watched the results show 3 times and i couldn't stop beaming as i saw the cooks hugging each other and crying...3 times


enough about American Idol, I gotta buck up with my work because i have a crazyass bunch of efficient working people as my group mates this semester!! I feel excited yet very intimidated by their semangatness...

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Langkawi End

This will be the last post on Langkawi ( i promise!) anyway these pictures of the clouds were taken on the way back with my N95.

The clouds look so gorgeous!

*squishes fluffy pillow*

once again, a recap of the chapters.


this time in color :)


I still don't know who won American Idol and I'm only gonna wait till i watch the show tonight to find out! After last night honestly, i think Archoola has got higher chances of winning but i'd much prefer for cook to grab the title because he would definitely be singing the kindda songs that i'll listen to in future.

Basically i think the competition between Cook and Archoola is more like a competition between the mainstream music vs alternative stuff and thats why archoola is more popularrrr....booo


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Langkawi Chapter 8 & 9



yes yes the rest of the pictures from chapter 8 shall remain P & C *giggles*. because they are taken in very poor lighting and are not exactly the most pleasant looking pictures of us :)

***Chapter 8***








so how long did it take for the page to load? hehehehe finally gotten up all the pics that i want to be up here :)

no i guess i don't have the patience to story out the events so i just placed the pics in chronological order.

Hope you all enjoyed reading /looking at the langkawi updates just as much as i enjoyed sitting in front of my comp editing these pictures on my 4 year old laptop.

Top : zyenn, vernmay, belle, tiffany, marilyn
Bottom : headloco, pelvin

Tata for now XOXO
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Cook or Archuleta ( or in daddy's words = archoolaa) !?!!?!??!!!

gan jeong gan jeong!

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Langkawi Chatper 6 edit & 7



***Chapter 6***

Four of us went by the beach after lunch while the others chilled at the rooms....

i was busy picking seashells from the beach while the others...............................*speechless*






We later met up and dressed up for dinner!







I had the most awesome beef burger at that restaurant. *drooools*

***Chapter 7***

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