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I'm living up to my title (self assigned) of being procrastinatorzyennthegreat. I guess the problem with me is a fear rejection. not just human kinda rejection, but also obstacles (that are like a form of rejection) i face when trying to work on something, to be more specific, something I'm not even that interested in working on in the first place.

The difference with me working on something i like and something i don't is that when i'm working on something i have zilch knowledge about but am damn interested in, I'd spend ALL MY TIME figuring how to get things done and put in damn alot of effort to make sure i researched everything with any available resources. Basically, die die also will get it done.

IN CONTRAST to that, when I'm working on something i don't have much interest in........I would not even pick up that textbook staring at me *points to the direction of ze stupid dry book* EVEN when i know I'll get my answers there.

so what am i gonna do about that?

die lo...

*picks up ugly textbook VERY reluctantly*


on a totally different note.

i love brainstorming for ideas! and i've got some ideas already, i might work on it this weekend...or not...because i kinda have something that is supposedly more important to attend to first. cis. i wish i had a team of people working under me so that

A, alloey would jot down whatever ideas i have
B, bernardo would then further conceptualize my ideas
C, corrinney would source for whatever materials i need
D, duffiely would make me coffee
E, edwarod would do my laundry
F, fuelish would do my nails...btw theres something odd going on with my nails (or maybe my nail polish)

haha i have a team of people with (funny/ridiculous) names that qualify them as hongkiess.

back to my nails...

you see, they'd look awesome and shiny every time after painting them but a few hours later, i would have bubbles and dots rising up from the surface making my nails look awfully rough. buggerrr (haha f u l t o n). i tried cheap polish and it turns out this way, i tried my sally hansen and the same thing happened. So i'm speculating its my nails....or maybe the way i paint my nails. Whatever it is, its annoying and i'm not happy. I know me being so bimbotic is annoying to you also, but i don't really bother because I'm typing with ugly nails.

on another totally different note, i think I've cited some articles written by our dear Dr f u l t o n (a new lecturer) before because his name just looks damn familiar when i first saw the timetable. I...i reallyyy thinkkkk i cited some of his work before but i just don't remember which....

"G r a h a m F u l t o n
P h D. "
(must learn skill from baybee to avoid being detected by search engines hehe *muaxx*)

really really familiar looking....

*gives up trying to recall*

bah... maybe what i remember seeing was

Graham Crackers - 200 gm

in one of my recipe books

Talking bout recipe books, i reckon i make pretty damn good chinese-style fried macaroni. heh. Because i craveeee for what i made hohoho and in order for food to be considered prettydamnawesome to me, it has to have that ability to make me crave for it.

*sings* I've got the power!

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