my "sick" diary

i finally got my wireless modem fixed! no wait....that modem couldn't be fixed so i got a brand new modem in exchange! *literally rolls on floor laughing* yayness!

another reason why I'm all jolly and chirpy is because i managed to configure all the wireless settings all by Mydearself!!.... which btw, is something i have never managed to succeed at before. lalalala~ I am a genius.

my langkawi updates have been put on hold cos photoshop makes my comp hang. yes, it makes my 4 year old laptop hang and thats why i need times where I'm at my most patient to work with the pictures.

with reference to the previous post, yes i have been sick. VERY VERY SICK. never been so sick my least not that i can remember of. It would take me forever to start talking about how sick i was feeling ( i bet boogene could even recite what i complain to him about everyday while i was down), i shall summarize

day 1

felt a lil sore throat in the morning, immediately gargled some of those medicated mouth rinse crap. later in the day....started with feeling dizzy and headache. Slept almost the whole day and felt much better when i got up.

day 2 (also first day of the semester)

felt good when i woke up even though i didn't have much sleep the night before....never suspected that i would get sick again so headed off to college. Started shivering and experiencing crazy ass headache halfway through lecture. I felt so cold i had to even borrow tiff's jacket on top of wearing my own in class but that did nothing to stop me from shivering. My hands did not feel cold to others but i felt as if i was gonna freeeeeze It was a scary experience and i still feel scared thinking back about it. *shivers*

anyway, couldn't take the cold so i took a brisk walk outside block E during the first break of the first lecture that day....and no that did not help either. So, i got my ass up to get some panadol from the grocery shop @ HP towers and called daddy to come get me home.

I know I'm loved :)

Wanted to head straight to the doctor but the queue was so freaking long so i decided to go sleep first. Got home, changed straight into my sleeping clothes. 2 layers of big ass t shirts + jumper and track pants cos i was still feeling cold. I bet you thought i slept damn well and got better after the sleep huh? NO! i couldn't even fall asleep after rolling about in bed from 12ish to 2ish.

I was freaking out by that time..cos 3 layers of clothes and in a room with zero wind and i wasn't even sweating abit...called daddy again and he sent me to the clinic nearby. and so i waited....and waited....

for more than an HOURRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr in painnnnnn and agonyyyyyyy!


sorry u had to bear with the crude canto cursing because i could not find more suitable words to describe the way i was feeling at that moment of time.




Thank god baybee came by the clinic JUST to keep me company and send me home from the clinic (which was only a minute's drive away from my home but prolly 10 minutes drive from his place) *squeals*

I know I'm loved :)

diagnosis got out and i was experiencing HIGH fever @ 39 degrees celcius. *shock* Doctor told me to go back for a blood test if my fever does not subside because it might be dengue. *double shock*

went home, slept the rest of the day away and the fever kept coming and going.

day 3

Fever subsided but something else started.

Gastric + diarrhea + period

i was purging non stop and suffering the gastric pain throughout the whole day and it was so hard to bear i had to return to the doctor at night to get more medication.

sleep was horrible that night i can't believe i actually went through all that pain.

day 4

Felt no different with the medication and i woke up still feeling the pain and purging. I was so weak, texting on the phone felt like the most hardcore exercise i could perform in that state i was in :(

Despite all the pain i forced myself to drive to college for the second lecture of the day because i've been missing out too much on lectures...

got home still feeling the immense gastric attacks and tahaned the night away by being totally idle on my couch.

day 5

still experiencing hints of gastric plus chest pains but everything was bearable.

day 6

totally unrelated but i got 3 pairs of aunty shoes :D

There you have it, my "sick" diary. Today is day 7 and i can say that I've recovered even though i still get the stomach cramps once in a while.

Thank god i didn't contract dengue or something more serious because i was honestly freaking myself out while going through all those pain. I prayed really really hard. I really wanna thank everyone who has made me feel so loved and cared for when i was sick especially daddy when he had to send me around....when mummy yelled at me for not taking care of myself...when granny kept pestering me to change my sweaty clothes....when brother called to ask i was ok at the clinic and when friends and family texted or msg anywhere to asked if i was ok and blessed me.....i know i'm loved. *squeals*

and my baybee for always being patient to take in all my complaints that i throw at him and also always comforting me and helping me go through all the pain and u baybee....and happy anniversary :)

macam writing oscar thank you speech hahahahha!!

Thats about all i wanted to type out has been awhile since i last typed an entry because i've always thought that my writing sucks ( i secretly envy those who can write amazing stories) besides that i also find it hard to be reading a whole chunk of text on a computer screen (especially uninteresting writing like mine summore) so i've always preferred to to make my entries more visually pleasing. *grins*

ANYWAY i've got to go back to researching............

i've got so much work to catch up..............


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