Langkawi Chapter 3


I'd highly recommend people to NOT dine a Coco Beach but grab a drink there and admire the sunset because honestly, I've never had such awesome coconuts!

The whole meal was really NOT satisfactory and most of the girls were not happy about it...but the guys however....enjoyed digging in to their crabs and stuff hahaha...i guess girls are too picky? When i approached one of those people from the shop bout their food quality, i kept getting "we only serve live crabs!!" from that guy.

the crabs don't seem fresh
we only serve LIVE CRABS!
but they don't seem fresh....the lai liu har is really bad. its tasteless and it supposed to be this way?
the prawns are fresh! its frozen and (god knows where its transported from).....bla bla bla
OK. but I'm telling you know its tasteless and BAD!!
.....okok *reluctant* we bring another plate for you

that was really not what i wanted in the first place....just wanted to clarify with them their standard of food...

the second dish did not differ much in taste btw.

oh well....

***Chapter 3***

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