random thoughts

I'm feeling hyperactive.

I want to sing. Every other song i've heard today seems to be stuck in my head and i can't shut up!

I want to do stupid things. like imitating radio operators, tv/radio advertisements. my absolute FAV past time.

I want to get my assignments done.
bergaya-gaya play psychologist and write my informed consent form and bergaya-gaya play simon cowell to critic a research paper. But am confused...

I want to go bathe wong kam kam. He's so yellow and dirty. I want to scrub it till it becomes bright white. hah.

I want to eat. some more...fooood food glorious foooodddd...

I want to do more random thingsssss. ie...ahem ahem ahem ahem and ahem..

more random thoughts...

i cannot stand rigidity. absolutely loathe situations where i feel like I'm being suppressed of my *ahem* whatever creativity i think i have and also the freedom to express whatever i want to do however i want to do it.

I don't think I will ever be able to work under people
in future because i want to be in control most of the time. I'm all about teamwork but i think i need that extra power to influence. I'm so full of myself i know...

I'll prolly read this back 10 years later while being totally frustrated about work and complaining about my boss,

who would be totally bitchy and cold towards me if it was a she (because i would have nicer hair than her) but i can't do anything about it because she's my boss


who might prolly be the biggest joke the world has ever seen if it was a he because he couldn't even get carry himself with integrity as a boss.

I don't think I'll ever fit in the corporate world...it does not appeal to me a single bit to work in big MNCs and earning moolah that way.

I'll prolly read this back 10 years later being a successful workaholic in some MNC or...some kuchi rat in some MNC.

basically what i'm trying to say is I think i gotta be my own boss in future...i don't know...i have no plans...and i don't know how to plan ahead....heck i can't even decide on a design for my thesis. :( so what more planning my future...:(

I cannot imagine being just another one of those OLs in future. Going out for lunches at ricebowls and then having my hair smell like chicken rice after lunch while sitting (sitting = bigger ass) in front of a computer and....work.

(This is gonna sound very biased but its just a personal stereotype that i cannot avoid)

I don't know why but i feel "bored" just looking at them going out in a bunch to have lunch...


I want to be something else! Don't ask me what I don't know yet! (I'll prolly read this back 10 years later during a lunch break at some office)


bah don't want things to get in my way and I don't want to conform to society's standards of success. don't kacau me! I want to stay in my world, my bubble, my lane.

so please don't cut my lane...I'm only driving one of those low powered vehicles (wong kam kam) and thats why it might take me slightly longer to get to wherever i want in life. But I'll get there! I so will! with shell V-power....hmm

I'll prolly read this back in future with a body measuring at 36 38 42 and still waiting to go for lunch breaks or "quarter past three afternoon tea" with a bunch of other OLs.

...thats pretty darn scary okay.

don't bother me or i'll shoot.

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