semut ant mah yee and lalat fly chang ying

i was at this place the other day.


you don't have to know where but when i look straight forward from where i was sitting and zoom my camera in...probably bout 2 times...i saw these.

They were everywhere.

Anyways i was bored and all (as usual) so i did what any normal being would do (gahaha)...snapped pictures!

started looking for interesting items to snap.

Guess what i found? no...not an empty can drink. But an ANT!

featuring, Ms Semut Ant Mah Yee!
This ant is Chinese. Semut is pronounced S'eh-mou ok? it's erm...French (Gah!)

i observed and snapped some pictures of her crawling around, trying to catch a glimpse of her lover who left her where she was to search for food.

She found this empty can of 100 plus. Decided to crawl all the way up to that 100 plus can hoping she might get a better view of the environment and at the same time, her lover.

almost lost her way up that can...

But she didn't give up trying to find her way up that can...

challenging gravity...

until she reached the top! surveyed the environment but..

her lover was no where to be what else could she do besides waiting?

Soon, she spotted an opening to the inside of the can that had a sweet lingering scent.

and she decided to go in and check out the can because that scent was irresistible...

need the flash to see Ms Semut haha.

Meanwhile, i found something else crawling about on the surface of that table.

i think that this might have been the lover she was waiting for...because he too looked like he was waiting for someone

Mr Lalat Fly Chang Ying.

so, will the lovers meet again?



what a way to waste my time.

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annoying lala muis

Gosh this is the time of the year where those annoying little girls in their perfectly color coordinated outfits will contaminate the tv.

quote from Brother

"shit...the new generation of lalas"

ArGHh so annoying!!!

can someone please reach for my remote and switch the channel?
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my grannies

i believe grandmothers have their very own unique way of communicating.

granny 1 - daddy's mum
granny 2 - mummy's mum


You know the other day my friend drove us to Petaling Street.
This kinda fish normally people use for porridge.
So so! we walked around....
This fish head nice
OH we went to eat this very famous porridge
porridge? OH! that peanut lalalal porridge! i always eat that whenever i'm at Petaling Street
1 dollar 30 cents!!
yeah! so cheap...the peanuts so nice and soft

(notice that from this point onwards they are not really responding to what each other are saying)

Then we wanted to buy our friend lunch because she fetched us there
You know that porridge shop is not opened on certain days?
but she didn't want to let us buy lunch you know!
i think it's tuesday..eyh hold on...wednesday i think...
so we tried our best to convince her that we should buy her lunch and we also threatened to don't go out with her anymore
so angry you know when i was there and they were not open..

(then notice how they so elegantly answered to what each other were trying to say)

Oh its opened thursday la..thursday i was there
yeahh you all should buy her lunch...

O________________O grandmothers...
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the king won again

(image from

OMG HE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10th GRAND SLAM!!!!! 3rd AUSSIE OPEN!!!!!

hahahahaha! *screams* hahaha......*turns back to bloody abnormal psych textbook*

i don't know how to do that annoying case study. grr.

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Roger Federer

watching the Australian Open Finals can be very stressful...

I can't imagine watching it live.

I think i'll be screaming 871347999998 times louder than Federer himself if he wins.

or might even curse 98732947347 times more than Federer if he loses.

He doesn't seem to know how to show any expression on the court. damn calm and cool all the time. respect.

WIN PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

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more things that i have been producing in class...

Mr Egg tart was suffering because of the heat outdoors....but he promised to meet some of his friends for a drink later the day...

Therefore, i gave him my protect Mr Egg tart's precious eyes from the glaring sun...

Mr Egg Tart adjusted the oversized frames to suit his face shape...

and headed out to meet his buds...

...looking all hot and sexy
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fantastically horrible

OMG?!?! This girl is throwing herself all out....she sounds like a porn star in action rather than a singer.

quote from Simon

"you were fantastically horrible!"
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Today started off pretty badly, got up very late and had to make vm sorry girl.

anyways lets skip the bad part and jump straight into Murni!

Gracey and i grabbed a cake before going to Murni to meet up with the rest of the was Beng Tack's 20th Birthday!!!

Hua fu
was attacked by almost everyone because of his *cough* awesome *cough* memory...haha that joker!

Well at least he remembers my baybee's name *grins*

Highlight of the night was when Beng Tack got his lil suprise...the cake! We dug into the poor cake, all of us with our forks because apparently, the birthday boy didn't have much cake slicing skills. hehe

what else, oh the food at Murni was not as good as expected...but company was of course the best :D

it's memories like these with these bunch of people that i will treasure forever!

guys and girls, really hope we could go out sometime like that again :)

Watching american idol again.

i simply don't understand this contestant.

Number 12351.

She claims that her friends laugh at her because she is tone death and yet she is making a fool out of herself in national tv screaming like an idiot in front of the judges and the other contestants...goodness. According to her yea...she wants to be THEEE American idol who doesn't sing...BS

p.s i wanna hug the little bun bun he gave me to sleep
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round and round

life seems like a cycle that's compulsory for me to go through...

everything seems so boring...

so rigid...

day by day...week by week...i go through that same ol routine...

bloody bored of it. mood for assignments
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doodles from lectures

my lecture notes


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hair issues

years back when i enter any salon most comments i get bout my hair sounds something like

" long yet i don't see split ends.."

"nice arr.."

"wahh so long!! but must do more treatment.."

and i used to get like 2 people washing my long mane....cos it was quite hard for one fella to manage =P

but now when i enter any salon, it's always..

"you hair spoilt cos of coloring?"

"hmmm very dry.."

"You dye alot ar?"

Whenever i get questions and remarks like that.. I'll start talking bout my good old hair days and how my hair became so HAwwibleee

lets see...i dyed my hair 4 times in 2005 and permed it twice.

why twice? cos apparently my hair is too damn straight and can't bloody curl so the woman who did my hair offered to "FIX" the curls. That was an offer i really regret taking...cos my hair condition became shit right after that "FIX".

*throws tantrum*

people used to tell me stuff like

"michelle, i will remember you for your nice long hair"
( seriously!! *points to comment in DJ year book*)

*bashes pillow*

i keep trying to tell myself that hair grows and all i have to do is be more patient and at the same time, slap myself whenever the evil thoughts of permin/coloring my hair comes to mind. Speaking of patience...have i ever mentioned that i'm one of the most patient human beings on earth? e.g i press the "X2" button on my windows media player to finish listenin to a song faster.


( i must have sounded very stupid in this entry)
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the best things in life are shared?

The other day at William's..

There was a couple sitted opposite baybeeboogene and i. They were so cute, sharing a plate of lagsana and a glass of orange juice. They were cute la but i thought to myself when i saw them digging in that small portion of lagsana

"sureee not enough...."

true enough, they finished their meal so quickly and wanted to eat they ordered a portion of mashpotato.


Guy: Bosss! Bosss...satu mashpotato

Waiter 1: ahh ahh *walks off*

10 mins later...

Our food arrived

couple stares at our food and starts drooling

sometime after that

Guy: Boss! oooi Boss! tadi mash potato sudah order belum datang...

Waiter2: okokok nanti ar

duno how long more later

baybee and i happily eating away

couple continues to stare with envy and finishing their orange juice

Guy: William! tadi mashpotato

William: ok i check *Williams screams to waiter 3* OOOIII MAshPotato mana?!?!?

Couple sighs, continues chit chatting and staring at the people around them

N minutes later

baybee and i exchanging meals halfway

Guy: *waves to William's sister* bayar la...tadi mash potato sudah order tak mau la...

*Waiter 1 approaches with Mashpotato in hand*

William's sister: mau tak?

Guy: aiyahh ok la ok la

Sometime later

couple feeding each other with their mash potato

*waiter 2 approaches with mash potato in hand*

waiter 2: Mash potato?

Guy: EYh sudah sudahhh *points to the plate of mashpotato on table*

*Waiter 3 approaches with 2 plates of Mashpotato in hand*

Guy: *EYh? sudah laaa

William: Eyhh bagi orang lain!


now we can see how flawed their communication was huh?

Moral of story...

Sharing is caring does not apply to when eating at William's so don't bother sharing :P

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mana semangatku?

taken @ pd 07

flame /fleɪm/
1. burning gas or vapor, as from wood or coal, that is undergoing combustion; a portion of ignited gas or vapor.

2. Often, flames. the state or condition of blazing combustion: to burst into flames.

3. any flamelike condition; glow; inflamed condition.

4. brilliant light; scintillating luster.

5. bright coloring; a streak or patch of color.

6. flame color.

7. intense ardor, zeal, or passion.

8. Informal. an object of one's passionate love; sweetheart: He's taking out his new flame tonight.

9. Computer Slang. an act or instance of angry criticism or disparagement, esp. on a computer network.

–verb (used without object)

10. to burn with a flame or flames; burst into flames; blaze.

11. to glow like flame; shine brilliantly; flash.

12. to burn or burst forth with strong emotion; break into open anger, indignation, etc.

13. Computer Slang. to behave in an offensive manner, esp. on a computer network.

–verb (used with object)
14. to subject to the action of flame or fire.
15. to flambé.
16. Computer Slang. to insult or criticize angrily, esp. on a computer network.

long lost...

running out of gas to keep this fire burning...

EMO mode: ON
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some cars that were annoyin

i have number plates of 2 cars who annoyed me in the last few days

the first is a grey wira with the number plate of
WPK 3063

ok see there were 3 lanes. we (vm n i) were at the far right lane, slighty in front of this wira, that fella was at the middle lane.

we were supposed to cut into the middle lane and later to the left,
gave the signal. vm saw that wira gave the left signal too.

so when vm saw the fella moving to the left we also started cuttin into the middle lane.

but i think we failed to take into account that drivers lack of driving skills and we probably moved too early.
that fella failed to fully move into the left lane and his car was in the middle of the left and middle lane.

he gave us a loud ass honk when we were in front of him, and not only that...the gave us the middle finger and then moved fully into the left lane.

seriously...i dunno...were we at fault?

bloody rude idiot. gave him my bitchiest stare later when we passed him and moved into the left lane further in front of him.

that idiot ended up directly behind us somewhere along the way and being obedient citizens of Malaysia...vm drove extra carefully and made sure we didn't go pass the SPEED limit on the road.

(we all know how pathetic some of the speed limits are on the road don't we?)


second is a champange colored new Honda City/Civic with the number plate of
WLE 6586

we were at Willams when we saw this fella, who parked at the senget bays at the row of shops in mayang reversed so fast and idiotically...(i bet he didn't even steer when he was reversing) his ass (car) hit straight onto the
side of this poor satria neo parked at the parallel bays opposite the senget bays. Of course, the city just went off.

Baybee and i witnessed it all and we wrote a note for the satria owner which reads....

" we saw a Honda city with the number plate of WLE 6583 reversed and hit your right door. hope this helps"

Hope we did the Satira owner a favor by at least giving him/her some clue what happened to his/her car. After that, baybee and i started thinking what if the owner of the satria didn't understand english??? what if he/she was some lala chai/mui who only reads chinese?? haha

thankfully it was just some scratches and no major dents on that satria neo...kesian la.


AMERICAN IDOL (season whatever) HAS STARTED!!!!

Watching American idol is annoying.

Especially when some of the odd looking/sounding contestants sang PCD's DOn't cha..

i laughed the loudest when they sang this line....

"don't cha wish your girlfriend/boyfriend was a freak like me?"

*rolls on floor laughing*

i miss being in HMC. miss the bunch, missed the times we spent at williams.

p.s again :D
i would like to thank a few pepople who have been helping me sign up for tutes cos of my sucky connection. thank u NGgg~ SOh Soh. and also Ming Zi who have been updating me since dec bout emails and stuff. thanks so much girls!
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a song for every moment

Just found out that i got tagged a few days ago.

1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc.)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. For every question, type the song that is playing.
4. When you go to a new question, click the next button.

Opening Credits
the verve - bittersweet symphony
"its a bittersweet symphony...thats life"
definitely one of my all time favs. very suitable for opening credits huh?

Waking Up
ok go - 1000 miles per hour
"lets get outta here, we'll drive 1000 miles per hour..."
cute tune. waking up and knowing u want to get out of that place you're at..hmmm

First Day at School
Kylie Minogue - Spinning around
"i'm spinning around, move outta my way..."
guess i was very confused on my first day at school haha

Puppy love
Garbage - I would die for you

"i would die for u
i would die for u
i would die to feel u by side
i would cry for u
i would cry for u
i would wash away your pain with all my tears
and drown your fears"

wicked song...probably those who still experiencing puppy love would feel this way. omg this is funny!! hahaha!!

Fight Song
Jack Johnson - better together
"i tell you one thing it's always better when were together..."

make love not war.

Breaking Up
Carpenters - Superstar
"come back to me again and play your sad guitar...
don't you remember you told me you love me baby?
you said you'll be coming back this way again baby...
baby baby baby ohh baby
i love u
i really do"

*nods* perfect break up song.

Garbage - When i Grow Up
"when i grow up i'll b stable
when i grow up i'll turn the tables.."


Life is good
(omg) Backstreet Boys - As long as you love me
"i don't care who you are
where you're from
don't care what you did
as long as you love me..."

true is good as long as im loved :D

Keane - Everybody's changing
"try to make a move just to stay in the game
try to stay awake and remember my name
but everybody's changing and i don't feel the same"

everybody's going according to the rules and i don't feel the same? *shrugs*

Prodigy - Fire Starter
"i'm the fire starter...twisted fire starter
you're the fire starter...twisted fire starter"
was i ever a fire starter? O=)

True Love
Evermore - It's too late
"Ride on, ride till early morning sun
Ride on, like the dawning of the day
It's too late, to let all your feelings show
Go on, til the night is swept away"

Life House - Only one
"i guess you're the only one that nobody changes
I guess you're the only one left standing when everything else goes down
You're still the only one, you're still the only one"

:) emo song.

moment of triumph
Nickelback - Someday
"Someday, somehow
gonna make it allright but not right now
I know you're wondering when
(You're the only one who knows that)
Someday, somehow
gonna make it allright but not right now
I know you're wondering when"

Death Scene
POD - Alive (i did not cheat!!)
"I...i feel so alive for very first time
i can't deny i feel so alive!!!...
i think i can fly"

HAHAHAHA! Life after death should be much awesome hahaha

End Credit
All Saints - Black Coffee
" each moment is new
freeze the moment
each moment is cool
freeze the moment.."

Nice ending! this song has got that perfect ending feeel to it :D
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The art of Graffiti.

graf·fi·ti /grəˈfiti/
Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[gruh-fee-tee]
Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation

1. pl. of graffito.
2. (used with a plural verb) markings, as initials, slogans, or drawings, written, spray-painted, or sketched on a sidewalk, wall of a building or public restroom, or the like: These graffiti are evidence of the neighborhood's decline.
3. (used with a singular verb) such markings as a whole or as constituting a particular group: Not much graffiti appears around here these days.

(, 2007)

Look what i found in Malacca


i think these are awesome...

check out the colors and the details on these art...

i think i found out why moody girl was...moody

motor-motor kacau aje...ish

These art are actually on the walls of an alley next to this funky shop. Thank god it was not open so i could snap as many pictures as i want of their graffiti.

since i've snapped so many pics so i think i should do some crediting yea? so people go visit that site or something.

This is another shop...

the cow looks abit retarded but still cute haha

oh remember moody girl? i annoyed her even more *peace*

The new sem has started and as expected i'm already feeling the stressssss in my first week.

5 subjects. 5 freaking text books. 5 X 3 (or 2) assignments.

omg la.


anyways, more random stuff...

i heart adidas and baybeeboogeneness knows it *winks*.

Remember ze ship i was taking pictures with? yeah this is a more complete view of it...

This is however, is long overdue...thanks to my awesome memory and..well you guys know me and my "internet connection" problems la yea? that's chicken rice balls btw.

Take care all you lovely people.

p/s - it feels good when a 14 year old comes up to you and tell u "you're the best la che che" *beams*
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New Year

Happy New Year people

I know i haven't been updating much...those who have been visiting should know that I'm (still) having problems with my internet connection. stealing internet @ Yipee Cup now. I've got shit loads of pictures to upload! but i can't edit all of them in time to post em up in this post...

what have i been up to??

Been riding in baybeeboogene's ride more often

Been to Malacca

camwhored in front of ze ship @ Malacca
intro-ed many others to cam whoring haha! that place was empty before i started taking pics :D
been to Johor and made my brother pose for pictures

ate Marshmallows

Celebrated New Year's Day abit different this year. Went to Church with my fam, Baybeeeeeboogeneness, Adrian and Vanessa

---to be continued-----
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