the best things in life are shared?

The other day at William's..

There was a couple sitted opposite baybeeboogene and i. They were so cute, sharing a plate of lagsana and a glass of orange juice. They were cute la but i thought to myself when i saw them digging in that small portion of lagsana

"sureee not enough...."

true enough, they finished their meal so quickly and wanted to eat they ordered a portion of mashpotato.


Guy: Bosss! Bosss...satu mashpotato

Waiter 1: ahh ahh *walks off*

10 mins later...

Our food arrived

couple stares at our food and starts drooling

sometime after that

Guy: Boss! oooi Boss! tadi mash potato sudah order belum datang...

Waiter2: okokok nanti ar

duno how long more later

baybee and i happily eating away

couple continues to stare with envy and finishing their orange juice

Guy: William! tadi mashpotato

William: ok i check *Williams screams to waiter 3* OOOIII MAshPotato mana?!?!?

Couple sighs, continues chit chatting and staring at the people around them

N minutes later

baybee and i exchanging meals halfway

Guy: *waves to William's sister* bayar la...tadi mash potato sudah order tak mau la...

*Waiter 1 approaches with Mashpotato in hand*

William's sister: mau tak?

Guy: aiyahh ok la ok la

Sometime later

couple feeding each other with their mash potato

*waiter 2 approaches with mash potato in hand*

waiter 2: Mash potato?

Guy: EYh sudah sudahhh *points to the plate of mashpotato on table*

*Waiter 3 approaches with 2 plates of Mashpotato in hand*

Guy: *EYh? sudah laaa

William: Eyhh bagi orang lain!


now we can see how flawed their communication was huh?

Moral of story...

Sharing is caring does not apply to when eating at William's so don't bother sharing :P

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