hair issues

years back when i enter any salon most comments i get bout my hair sounds something like

" long yet i don't see split ends.."

"nice arr.."

"wahh so long!! but must do more treatment.."

and i used to get like 2 people washing my long mane....cos it was quite hard for one fella to manage =P

but now when i enter any salon, it's always..

"you hair spoilt cos of coloring?"

"hmmm very dry.."

"You dye alot ar?"

Whenever i get questions and remarks like that.. I'll start talking bout my good old hair days and how my hair became so HAwwibleee

lets see...i dyed my hair 4 times in 2005 and permed it twice.

why twice? cos apparently my hair is too damn straight and can't bloody curl so the woman who did my hair offered to "FIX" the curls. That was an offer i really regret taking...cos my hair condition became shit right after that "FIX".

*throws tantrum*

people used to tell me stuff like

"michelle, i will remember you for your nice long hair"
( seriously!! *points to comment in DJ year book*)

*bashes pillow*

i keep trying to tell myself that hair grows and all i have to do is be more patient and at the same time, slap myself whenever the evil thoughts of permin/coloring my hair comes to mind. Speaking of patience...have i ever mentioned that i'm one of the most patient human beings on earth? e.g i press the "X2" button on my windows media player to finish listenin to a song faster.


( i must have sounded very stupid in this entry)

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