Today started off pretty badly, got up very late and had to make vm sorry girl.

anyways lets skip the bad part and jump straight into Murni!

Gracey and i grabbed a cake before going to Murni to meet up with the rest of the was Beng Tack's 20th Birthday!!!

Hua fu
was attacked by almost everyone because of his *cough* awesome *cough* memory...haha that joker!

Well at least he remembers my baybee's name *grins*

Highlight of the night was when Beng Tack got his lil suprise...the cake! We dug into the poor cake, all of us with our forks because apparently, the birthday boy didn't have much cake slicing skills. hehe

what else, oh the food at Murni was not as good as expected...but company was of course the best :D

it's memories like these with these bunch of people that i will treasure forever!

guys and girls, really hope we could go out sometime like that again :)

Watching american idol again.

i simply don't understand this contestant.

Number 12351.

She claims that her friends laugh at her because she is tone death and yet she is making a fool out of herself in national tv screaming like an idiot in front of the judges and the other contestants...goodness. According to her yea...she wants to be THEEE American idol who doesn't sing...BS

p.s i wanna hug the little bun bun he gave me to sleep

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