semut ant mah yee and lalat fly chang ying

i was at this place the other day.


you don't have to know where but when i look straight forward from where i was sitting and zoom my camera in...probably bout 2 times...i saw these.

They were everywhere.

Anyways i was bored and all (as usual) so i did what any normal being would do (gahaha)...snapped pictures!

started looking for interesting items to snap.

Guess what i found? no...not an empty can drink. But an ANT!

featuring, Ms Semut Ant Mah Yee!
This ant is Chinese. Semut is pronounced S'eh-mou ok? it's erm...French (Gah!)

i observed and snapped some pictures of her crawling around, trying to catch a glimpse of her lover who left her where she was to search for food.

She found this empty can of 100 plus. Decided to crawl all the way up to that 100 plus can hoping she might get a better view of the environment and at the same time, her lover.

almost lost her way up that can...

But she didn't give up trying to find her way up that can...

challenging gravity...

until she reached the top! surveyed the environment but..

her lover was no where to be what else could she do besides waiting?

Soon, she spotted an opening to the inside of the can that had a sweet lingering scent.

and she decided to go in and check out the can because that scent was irresistible...

need the flash to see Ms Semut haha.

Meanwhile, i found something else crawling about on the surface of that table.

i think that this might have been the lover she was waiting for...because he too looked like he was waiting for someone

Mr Lalat Fly Chang Ying.

so, will the lovers meet again?



what a way to waste my time.

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