my grannies

i believe grandmothers have their very own unique way of communicating.

granny 1 - daddy's mum
granny 2 - mummy's mum


You know the other day my friend drove us to Petaling Street.
This kinda fish normally people use for porridge.
So so! we walked around....
This fish head nice
OH we went to eat this very famous porridge
porridge? OH! that peanut lalalal porridge! i always eat that whenever i'm at Petaling Street
1 dollar 30 cents!!
yeah! so cheap...the peanuts so nice and soft

(notice that from this point onwards they are not really responding to what each other are saying)

Then we wanted to buy our friend lunch because she fetched us there
You know that porridge shop is not opened on certain days?
but she didn't want to let us buy lunch you know!
i think it's tuesday..eyh hold on...wednesday i think...
so we tried our best to convince her that we should buy her lunch and we also threatened to don't go out with her anymore
so angry you know when i was there and they were not open..

(then notice how they so elegantly answered to what each other were trying to say)

Oh its opened thursday la..thursday i was there
yeahh you all should buy her lunch...

O________________O grandmothers...

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