some cars that were annoyin

i have number plates of 2 cars who annoyed me in the last few days

the first is a grey wira with the number plate of
WPK 3063

ok see there were 3 lanes. we (vm n i) were at the far right lane, slighty in front of this wira, that fella was at the middle lane.

we were supposed to cut into the middle lane and later to the left,
gave the signal. vm saw that wira gave the left signal too.

so when vm saw the fella moving to the left we also started cuttin into the middle lane.

but i think we failed to take into account that drivers lack of driving skills and we probably moved too early.
that fella failed to fully move into the left lane and his car was in the middle of the left and middle lane.

he gave us a loud ass honk when we were in front of him, and not only that...the gave us the middle finger and then moved fully into the left lane.

seriously...i dunno...were we at fault?

bloody rude idiot. gave him my bitchiest stare later when we passed him and moved into the left lane further in front of him.

that idiot ended up directly behind us somewhere along the way and being obedient citizens of Malaysia...vm drove extra carefully and made sure we didn't go pass the SPEED limit on the road.

(we all know how pathetic some of the speed limits are on the road don't we?)


second is a champange colored new Honda City/Civic with the number plate of
WLE 6586

we were at Willams when we saw this fella, who parked at the senget bays at the row of shops in mayang reversed so fast and idiotically...(i bet he didn't even steer when he was reversing) his ass (car) hit straight onto the
side of this poor satria neo parked at the parallel bays opposite the senget bays. Of course, the city just went off.

Baybee and i witnessed it all and we wrote a note for the satria owner which reads....

" we saw a Honda city with the number plate of WLE 6583 reversed and hit your right door. hope this helps"

Hope we did the Satira owner a favor by at least giving him/her some clue what happened to his/her car. After that, baybee and i started thinking what if the owner of the satria didn't understand english??? what if he/she was some lala chai/mui who only reads chinese?? haha

thankfully it was just some scratches and no major dents on that satria neo...kesian la.


AMERICAN IDOL (season whatever) HAS STARTED!!!!

Watching American idol is annoying.

Especially when some of the odd looking/sounding contestants sang PCD's DOn't cha..

i laughed the loudest when they sang this line....

"don't cha wish your girlfriend/boyfriend was a freak like me?"

*rolls on floor laughing*

i miss being in HMC. miss the bunch, missed the times we spent at williams.

p.s again :D
i would like to thank a few pepople who have been helping me sign up for tutes cos of my sucky connection. thank u NGgg~ SOh Soh. and also Ming Zi who have been updating me since dec bout emails and stuff. thanks so much girls!

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