a song for every moment

Just found out that i got tagged a few days ago.

1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc.)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. For every question, type the song that is playing.
4. When you go to a new question, click the next button.

Opening Credits
the verve - bittersweet symphony
"its a bittersweet symphony...thats life"
definitely one of my all time favs. very suitable for opening credits huh?

Waking Up
ok go - 1000 miles per hour
"lets get outta here, we'll drive 1000 miles per hour..."
cute tune. waking up and knowing u want to get out of that place you're at..hmmm

First Day at School
Kylie Minogue - Spinning around
"i'm spinning around, move outta my way..."
guess i was very confused on my first day at school haha

Puppy love
Garbage - I would die for you

"i would die for u
i would die for u
i would die to feel u by side
i would cry for u
i would cry for u
i would wash away your pain with all my tears
and drown your fears"

wicked song...probably those who still experiencing puppy love would feel this way. omg this is funny!! hahaha!!

Fight Song
Jack Johnson - better together
"i tell you one thing it's always better when were together..."

make love not war.

Breaking Up
Carpenters - Superstar
"come back to me again and play your sad guitar...
don't you remember you told me you love me baby?
you said you'll be coming back this way again baby...
baby baby baby ohh baby
i love u
i really do"

*nods* perfect break up song.

Garbage - When i Grow Up
"when i grow up i'll b stable
when i grow up i'll turn the tables.."


Life is good
(omg) Backstreet Boys - As long as you love me
"i don't care who you are
where you're from
don't care what you did
as long as you love me..."

true enough...life is good as long as im loved :D

Keane - Everybody's changing
"try to make a move just to stay in the game
try to stay awake and remember my name
but everybody's changing and i don't feel the same"

everybody's going according to the rules and i don't feel the same? *shrugs*

Prodigy - Fire Starter
"i'm the fire starter...twisted fire starter
you're the fire starter...twisted fire starter"
was i ever a fire starter? O=)

True Love
Evermore - It's too late
"Ride on, ride till early morning sun
Ride on, like the dawning of the day
It's too late, to let all your feelings show
Go on, til the night is swept away"

Life House - Only one
"i guess you're the only one that nobody changes
I guess you're the only one left standing when everything else goes down
You're still the only one, you're still the only one"

:) emo song.

moment of triumph
Nickelback - Someday
"Someday, somehow
gonna make it allright but not right now
I know you're wondering when
(You're the only one who knows that)
Someday, somehow
gonna make it allright but not right now
I know you're wondering when"

Death Scene
POD - Alive (i did not cheat!!)
"I...i feel so alive for very first time
i can't deny i feel so alive!!!...
i think i can fly"

HAHAHAHA! Life after death should be much awesome hahaha

End Credit
All Saints - Black Coffee
" each moment is new
freeze the moment
each moment is cool
freeze the moment.."

Nice ending! this song has got that perfect ending feeel to it :D

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