New Year

Happy New Year people

I know i haven't been updating much...those who have been visiting should know that I'm (still) having problems with my internet connection. stealing internet @ Yipee Cup now. I've got shit loads of pictures to upload! but i can't edit all of them in time to post em up in this post...

what have i been up to??

Been riding in baybeeboogene's ride more often

Been to Malacca

camwhored in front of ze ship @ Malacca
intro-ed many others to cam whoring haha! that place was empty before i started taking pics :D
been to Johor and made my brother pose for pictures

ate Marshmallows

Celebrated New Year's Day abit different this year. Went to Church with my fam, Baybeeeeeboogeneness, Adrian and Vanessa

---to be continued-----

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