lost but found

Found those specs!!! *bounces in joy*
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Grandma vs people

Today i went shopping with my grandmother. We found what she wanted in this particular shop after hunting around the whole of Amcorp Mall. We spent a dreadful-for-me-but-happy-for-grandma 45 minutes in this shop because the shop owner and her friends were so friendly and my grandmother seemed to have clicked with them very well.

When i go around shopping all that goes on in the shop is something like...

can i help u miss?
oh i'm just browsing around, i'll let you know when i need your service.
*found stuff i wanted to try*
I'll try this on.
*enters fitting room*
*exits fitting room*
thanks, I'll take these/ Thanks, no they are not suitable

HOWEVER, when she shops....this happens

featuring grandma, shop owner, friend 1, friend 2, myself

*grandma exits fitting room*

mee-sellllll!! how?? *turns to shop owner* how much ar??

wahhh this is perfect for u! the material matches the top u want to wear for the dinner..u see! 120 only!

wahh aunty very stylish hor? see your clothes all so nice wah..look at your outfit today, so nice...wow u sure have taste!

hahah really ar?? cheaper la...

eyh? this is your granddaugther? wah very leng lui


oh how old is she? studying in Uni now?

19, yeahh in Uni

where arr?



OHH..HELP arrr... same as AH-XXX.

yeahh yeahh

Oh then they might be coursemates!

no laa!! haha AH-XXX is already working.

ohh haha yeah she studying psychology

so "lek" ar? wahh so nice hor? your grandchild so big already...can enjoy life now come out shopping and walk walk

Ahah what so good? now i have to look after these young ones...u guess how old am i?

hmm somewhere around 60?

HEH! im 78 already...eyh wait according to the lunar calendar im 79

eyhhold on..what year were you born?

year of the dragon

OHH yes yes 79 already..but wow u dont look 79 at all! no where near there! so healthy

ahah thats because i go line dancing 4 times a week! u know after exercising u'd feel very energetic

yea yea people who exercise..well u can tell that they exercise

Thats why... see i always tell the young ones to exercise...u see like this one (me -__-) she sleeps till noon everyday and is always so lazy, but always complain that she's fat.

HArh? fat? no laaaaa...just nice already! i tell you why! *walks around me and stares from up to down* because u are tall u know? and u dont have this *smacks my kononnyer flat tummy* Ok i tell u...just here *smacks my bootie* ahh dont let here grow somemore...because now proportioned

er..haha...haha *secretly wishes to be somewhere else*

haha hey 100 la...

no no cannot la aunty 120...this is the cheapest i can give la. This is velvet you know? good quality velvet! aunty now at this age...must enjoy life you know?

*another friend of shop owner enter*

Hey hey u see this aunty dont look like 78 right?? wow the previous customer was 68, also does line dancing! this one more Geng!

Wahh!! haha do u know who is Betty?? She's singaporean, also into line dancing, dances at the seapark area..Ohh u know cha cha all those??

ahaha...yeah exercise keeps u healthy....I don't know her haha cha cha? i learnt before when i was younger...haha 100 la

aiyoh aunty cannot la! 120

110 laaa

aunty....i'm not bluffing you! this is the lowest i can give u if not i dont earn anything...and this pants fit u so nicely

aiyahh...ok la ok la 120 la.

hahaha yeahh thats the way aunty! must enjoy life! haha so u want to pay deposit first? pay the rest after alteration

how much you want?

any amount la..so you come back around half an hour ok?

This entry has way too many colors. This was only one shop out of the many other shops we entered. my grandmother bought 2 more items from another two more shops and something similar happened (the age guessing, line dancing and me complaining that i'm fat part). Speechless weih.
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Lagoon-ah beach

Where on earth are those spectacles of mine?! sighh I've misplaced them since Monday and have yet to remember where i last left them. I've checked the study room, the wardrobe, the Laundry basket, underneath my bed, kitchen...and they are no where to be found. Sighhh.

(ROFL over stupid title for this post) a few of us girls went to Sunway Lagoon today...it was a BLAST! and to those of you invited but were too busy/ lazy/ proud/ broke to come with us...too bad haha...just kidding alright? it would have been so much more fun with the rest of you crazy people.

lets do this in point form shall we?

Pirate ship ride was amazing..-ly stressful. That was because we did not predict that we would be swinged 360 degrees. 5 of us girls plus a couple who were friend's of Tiffany sat facing each other and i said i'll get nightmares oft the crazy faces of those sitting opposite me. Hopefully i won't.

My pants were wayyy to loose so i had to buy a new pair from the lagoon shop.

Loved most of the rides we took but none were as exciting as the pirate ship.

A bunch of people (I'm guessing Hongkies) held onto our floats and floated with us along the ( I forgot what do u call that) river??

Some of the lfie guards/ workers were extremely friendly, some where f***ing annoying. Just because their job sucks and they dont get to check out many chicks in bikinis throughout their work but instead have to suffer sights of half-naked fat, old man or women around doesn't mean they have the rights to be rude to the people visiting the park.

A bunch of guys were suspected to be following us around the park. Two fellas came up to me and asked if there were anymore rides in Sunway Lagoon besides those that they took. Another three fellas (from the same bunch) approached yien at the surf pool and asked her if we all were free that night. har. har. *roll eyes*

A bunch of indian lads were up to something in the surf pool, we just dont know what. I saw one of em holding up a pair of trousers...in the middle of the pool. *blur*

I was desperately trying to get tanned. haha

Our lunch consisted of a burger and soft drink. 8 bucks.

All in all, today was nothing but fun! After all the planning of going to the lagoon, we finally made it eventhough there were only 5 of us =)

Yeah surprisingly there are no pictures of this outing because i decided to leave my camera at home. awwww (im sorry bloggie)

(I'll edit this post later if i can remember)

btw I had cantonese fried noodles for dinner with baybee-the-sweetest-thing-on-earth! thanks to yien and vernmay who kept mentioning about fookginmien in the car on the way back *squeals*
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Problems with the May Archives

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water is good for health

some time last week..baybee and i

drink more water kie?
at least one bottle once u wake up

THis glass fills up to 500ml, a present from my artistic cousin. I'm so bored i've sunk to posting ridiculous pictures of myself just to fill up some time. my eyes are still so bengkak so I've resulted to camwhoring with objects covering part of my face.

oh btw



people pigs are a disgrace to the society.


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on the way to the exhaust shop

*ganas metal song plays*

sorry baby i know it's annoying u. I know u want hitz. *switches to Hitz*

*some Hip Hop shit starts playing*

-____-"....*starts bouncing to the beat just to make baybee laugh*

*switches channel*

*cant fight the moonlight plays*

o_o i dunno i feel dumb listening to these kinda songs.
what do u mean? *starts imitating Leann Rimes*
*squeals at the donkee's cuteness and plays along till ending of song*
Oh i haven't heard this song in ages...*sings* i feel it in my fingerss
*sings*i feel it in my toesss

*reaches exhaust shop*

*puts on metal cd in the middle of song and metal music starts playing again *wait yea baybee..now ganas abit

Remember how i used to be addicted to Blogthings in my old blog. Read this off the
Fairy's site.

Your Dosha is Pitta
You have a quick mind, a gift for persuasion, and a sharp sense of humor.
You have both the drive and people skills to be a very successful leader.
Argumentative and a bit stubborn, you have been known
to be a little too set in your ways.
But while you may be biased toward your own point of view, you are always honest, fair, and ethical.

With friends: You are outgoing and open to anyone who might want to talk to you

In love: You are picky but passionate

To achieve more balance: Be less judgmental of those around you, and take cool walks in the moonlight.
What's Your Dosha?

Totally agree with it.

I miss my old blog. I can't believe i actually deleted it off. Regret it so much...sigh it would have been nice getting to read back some of my older entries ...now all im left with is some layouts that i've used before in the past and nothing else. *sulks*

This was definitely my favourite layout. Its so pretty and it made my blog look like some fantasy land. Pretty fairy and lovely colours...hmm i might wanna use this layout again in future.

this layout is made out of a b/w image of Pink, im no fan of pink but the layout is clean and that pic of pink looks real hot. yea? hehehe

btw i didnt create those layouts myself...of course im not up to that standard yet. lost track of the credits so to whoever created the layouts! great job to u guys. *peace*
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*ahem* public apology

Remember this picture in one of my older post?

yeahh this pic was taken by none other than the YANG AMAT BERHORMAT

i forgot to mention in that post. tsk tsk tsk

(to tiffany : Big enough anot?? hahahaha :P)

The fonts in the post are in purple because purple is her favourite color.

what to do... i have to "zhao" her these days...I was so careless...:P
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Genting Pics

Finally, after a week of procrastination...im done uploading the pics *grins*. Not gonna blog about Genting cos that would be too tedious...so lets let the pictures do the talking

Cable car!! enjoyed the "scenary" very much.

We checked into the Theme Park Hotel because it was nearer to the theme park...we don't settle for cheapskate rooms like those if First World. *Rofl* nayh actually it was because First World ran outta rooms...*squints*

The lovely Japanese Garden view from our hotel.


I haven't been to the theme park in ages and i was really looking forward to the rides. yes im 19.

so misty! but that uncle spoilt my pic *pouts*

THUS...ahaks much better XD

we are 10 year olds trapped in the bodies' of 19-20 year olds.

evidence? we went on the merry-go-round..haha

and the tea cup.

Pretty attractive cafe @ the theme park but it didn't attract us to eat there.

The corkscrew.

Flying coaster. This is the new addition to the rides @ Genting. 12 bucks for those just wants to have a ride on this. 10 bucks for theme park ticket holders. Those with the theme park tickets get FREE Unlimited CONTINUOUS rides to the Flying Coaster. We got tricked into thinking that we get unlimited rides even after leaving the Flying Coaster. A fun ride though! this was the most exciting one. I was having a bad gastric before getting on this ride but was all hyped up and gastric-free after the ride!

Genting IS haunted. Ugly ugly bears.

We passed by this chocoloate fountain many many times but none of us were willing to pay 8 bucks for a cup of those fruits that has been there since god knows when..O__O pw got a sip of the chocolate though haha

vm tiff and puffy eyed zyenn.


A pick of everyone. excluding me :)

Took me so long to edit these pics because i'm too lazy to go search for the mouse so edited all these using the trackpad...with me fingers. Ok thats all for this post. ciao~


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a camwhore (period)

I've always had a fantasy..


on a nice breezy saturday morning/evening..

I'll slip on my uber-sweet-subtly sexy-white-cotton dress

put on my fav scent

my sunnies and my nice weaved hat...or maybe a flower in my hair

then i''ll grab my 11k worth of DSLR equipment not forgetting the tripod with me for gaya purposes

I'll drive straight down to the beautiful beach (assuming there is one not so far away) in my klassique beau (the old school beetle)

Set up a nice sunny spot by the beach

Make myself a couple of drinks and chill by the klassique beau.

have some me time.

and start Camwhoring with the klassique beau!!! (this is actually the main purpose of the whole fantasy).

Wow i could imagine how cute the pictures would turn out..the striking blue and silver tone of the klassique babe...with the sunlight...and the white dress..niceee

*bubble bursts*

oh yeah not exactly 36-24-36 so might not look good inthe pics. And the Klassique beau is still in the workshop for touching up. hair is not long and curly anymore. do not own gaya cameras worth 11k. Where to find nice beach not so far away? Chill by beach alone might be quite sien and handling camera myself would be quite a hassle. sigh.

I think i need to alter my fantasy abit. I think should go with my donkee so i won't be so bored and we could chill together...Oh and maybe pose together too! that would be awesome...yeah and he studied photography..oooh yes yes! Hmm...but i'm afraid he will mind the old school speed of the Klassique Beau. What to do? my dreadhead has a need for sSsssPpppeEeeeed...that my klassique beau might not be able to offer....or not? (inserts smirk and winks). *pauses*


Sometimes i amaze myself.

I'm sorry i couldn't sleep.

*bounces off to cuddle her dreadhead*...virtually =(
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she wears turqoise colored lingerie

Haven't been blogging much and i've got a whole lot of photos in my cam waiting to be uploaded...but have yet to have that chance to be transfered to my dear laptop and go through the almighty photoshop and finally being displayed on this lame excuse of a blog of mine *sulks*. Obviously I'm not in a very chirpy mood so i'm just gona make this short.

I'm sure those not new to kontradikcion noticed a few changes huh? haha yeaps this is the new "layout". (but i didnt actually do much changes to it shhh) I wanted the design to be clean, simple and ME. U guessed it, that bigass z y e n n and my face right at the top of this page is just a form of me being inordinately fascinated with my dear self. And if u think it sucks? I'm open to comments...constructive ones though.

was in 1u. Marks & Spencer. Was shopping around and spotted this Rolex on the wrist of a malay lady. She turns around and guess who... it was my ex pengetua of SMKDJ. Datin something Hamidah or something haha. I didn't acknowledge her though because i didn't know what else to say after saying HI and smile. We were lining up at the cashier you see...so it was at least a 10 minutes wait and it would be awkward if i said hi and just end up faking my smile for the next 9 minutes not knowing what to say. Anyways, ex Djians wanna know a secret? *giggles* our Ex filthy-rich datin wears turqoise colored bras from marks and spencer *ngeks* damn sexy ok...love turqoise and all shades of greens and blues...and reds...and purples...whatever, i dont have a favourite color.

Besides that, i went to Genting, chilled out with enegue the baybee, watched a movie, ate alot of pasta, stoned, met up with pei shan and ate more pasta. Oh gosh i had 3 pasta meals this week. Carbonara, Marinara and Aglio Olio. shit. *stares at bigass tummy* =(

EDIT : an entry without a photo? it's just wrong :P

This was my favourite ride in Genting. We went on it 3 times. Loved the stress-free feeling i get from this ride. If only i could have a swing like that near my neighbourhood...it will definitely be my ultimate chillin spot. Spot me in the pic! *whispers* sunniesss...
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Thai commercial

This is hilarious!! hahaha

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I went for an eye check-up to confirm if the floaters in my eyes were harmful..because if they were, i could be blind...except they were not! *grins* hehehe

The eye testing experience freaked me out abit because my eyes were burning from the eye drops they put on my eyes that were supposed to dilate the pupils...then i was forced to look straight into the blinding lights...my eyes were hurting and i couldn't stop the tears. ouch. Then it made me ponder...would the lights from heaven be that strong and blinding? Is that what souls entering heaven would see?? hmmm...

By the way, something i thought cute happened at the eye hospital when i was collecting my medication.

*Come-dance-with-me kinda Indian song playing at the background*

*hands over receipt for medication* Erm.. excuse me can i have this collected?
Ok *takes receipt and looks at it* hmm...*presses some button for number*...*passes number to me* go sit down *point to seats*
alright :)
*pharmacist dissappears to search for medication*
*chats with mum about the last episode of desperate housewives i watched*
*pharmacist appears at counter and sits at his chair looking my way*
*look at pharmacist and smiles with that is-my-stuff-ready-to-be-collected look*
*pharmacist looks blur*.....*pharmacist presses another button*

DENGGGGGGGGGGG *my number appears on the screen*

Oh!...*stares at screen and pharmacist*
one drop three times a day ok?
Ok, thank you. *collects medication and giggles away with mum*

Why were we giggling? because all that happened here.

For those who don't understand the picture and why mum n i were giggling....my seat from the counter was at most 3 steps away and that pharmacy area was only THAttt big, there were only 8 seats available at that area.

so cute la.

u still don't get it. stop reading my blog because we are obviously of a different wavelength and stuff that is funny to me is not to u............HAHAha just kidding!! dont get pissed yea? I'm just being my lame self and I'm no good at describing funny incidents to people. *peace*
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1600 ways

Highly recommended for those who are bored and have no life.
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i poke donkee


=h =h =h =h =h =h !!!!!!!!


this is for us to know and for u to ignore. Thank u.
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Are holidays meant to be this boring???????

all i do is sit in front of the comp and surf around or edit some pictures. Speaking of which...i'm gettin annoyed with the photos taken from my cam. Everything is so boring...lousy shots. Blergh.

this was a little something Grace gave me from her trip to Thailand...the blah shots were taken last week when i was supposed to be studying for finals.

s i e n.

was at Timesquare sometime during the last fewdays of the SALE. That place never fails to irritate me....grossness.

Anyways, a funny incident happened at lalaland between me, my brother and this girl (lets call her Airrie). Brother and i were laughing about the fashion in lalaland. Checking out chicks with"awesome" fashion sense. There was this girl wearing the cutest oversized basketball jersey kinda top which says "I'm too sexy for my top" in bright Fuschia. haha so anyways bro and i were giggling about the top and just then Airrie walked past us, folding her arms. Airrie was at most 17 years old (judging from her features *ahem*). She was surveying the shop with her mommy and I'm thinking she must have been disgusted with fashion too just like me and my bro...we ignored her. But she somehow just gave us the most irritated look ever...rolled her eyes at us and kept walking around the shop in her arrogant manner. Bro and i was of course irritated and bro even went

"cheh...what did we do to her?"...

just then she stopped in front of us staring at some shoes and her bigass belly was exposed. Us being our annoying selves started giggling of course because Airrie was quite a pretty gal and Normally pretty gals who go around rolling eyes at people I assume would have also been more aware of her appearence. Nevermind the belly, not like i dont have one myself haha. We continued with our talking ignoring Airrie...just then i spotted an open fly. on who else but Airrie. hahahaha. Once we saw that we couldn't control giggling and just burst out in laughter right in the shop. Everyone was looking. But no one knew what were we laughing about, even Airrie. hahahahaha poor girl.

Moral of story : Thinking of rolling your eyes at people?

Make sure you're fly is not wide open ( now u know why i named her Airrie eyh?) or pick on those who are less observant.

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Semester 2 ends

Exactly, this piece of *cough* is dumped straight into the bin right after i captured the last of it.

A bunch of us went by to Midvalley for lunch after the last paper to sorta celebrate and eat out all the stress in us. We so deserved it. haha.

sadly, Tiffany and Pek Wah didn't get to join us. One because of some miscommunication (sorrry tiffany) and another one cause of technical complications? (hp failing on her) aiks. No worries girls we still have the Genting trip *winks*

We decided to have lunch @
Some Shanghai Restaurant
Manhattan Fish Market
Food Court
San Francisco Steak House

because they were having a set lunch promotion.

Once the starters arrived....

no mercy~
I thought the meal was average. Nothing to brag about...was expecting something better from SFSH.

Lovely company :) All happy yappy after our finals.

After the meal outside SFSH. I have to say we are quite a kiddy bunch. haha but its all good :)

Saw this advert outside Fineegan's . Very Kinky i must say.

Laa dee daa we snapped some pictures.

We wiggled our toes.

We snapped more pictures. (Cam whoring with me camera would result in pictures being displayed on my blog :O *ngeks*)

Our next stop was TopShop. Some of us grabbed some stuff and tried them out in the fittin room. Too bad im not allowed to post any pics of the master and the assistant. *sigh*

Didn't have much plans after lunch so we just hung around Mid Valley. Most of us were really exhausted due to the late nights.

So we decided to chill at the food court. Everyone was pretty sleepy and moody by then. Except for Beng Tack and Melissa though...kekeke. Candid the cute couple and they gave me these stares...aiks!

sorry sorry...hehehe

The rest of us were at another table chatting about stuff, singing to "we are the Champions" and stoning.

Then we all went home to snooze.

This sem's post exam celebration was not as well planned as the previous sem but it was nice being able to hang out with the crazy psycho people after all the stresssssssssss

Not in the mood for blogging now so i'll just have to end right here.

Took this during the recent research Colloquim.

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12 hours to go

meetin him in 12 hours time.
haven't been seein him for the past 10 days.
so excited.
missed him so much.
cant wait to hug him again.

now fly for me, time.

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cant wait

i've been gone for tooo long.

will be back so so soon.

took alot of random pics and im so excited to post em up to brighten up this lil bloggie of mine.

I miss blogging. i miss wasting time editing pictures and posting em up on this blog.

to bloggie : *pats bloggie* i'll feed u some colorful pics soon. I know you're hungry for some.

random thought #1
Justin Timberlake's Sexy Black is so addictive!!! goodness its been playing on my windows media for at least 12 times today...layan~

random thought #2 (this is a fact)
everyone's been asking about my eyes. why are they so puffy and whether i've been gettin enough sleep. The thing is i'm not really sure what happened but i'm guessing i'm allergic to some eye make up and i guess the lack of sleep adds to the puffiness of em eyes.
My eyelids are peeling as well. Sigh. The last few weeks of leaving the house without any make up was so dreadful...*sobbies*

Here is a closeup of my not-very-sexy-anymore eye straight from the cam.

awful skin and not very pretty eye.

no worries I'll take care.

(one more paper to go)
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