Genting Pics

Finally, after a week of done uploading the pics *grins*. Not gonna blog about Genting cos that would be too lets let the pictures do the talking

Cable car!! enjoyed the "scenary" very much.

We checked into the Theme Park Hotel because it was nearer to the theme park...we don't settle for cheapskate rooms like those if First World. *Rofl* nayh actually it was because First World ran outta rooms...*squints*

The lovely Japanese Garden view from our hotel.


I haven't been to the theme park in ages and i was really looking forward to the rides. yes im 19.

so misty! but that uncle spoilt my pic *pouts*

THUS...ahaks much better XD

we are 10 year olds trapped in the bodies' of 19-20 year olds.

evidence? we went on the merry-go-round..haha

and the tea cup.

Pretty attractive cafe @ the theme park but it didn't attract us to eat there.

The corkscrew.

Flying coaster. This is the new addition to the rides @ Genting. 12 bucks for those just wants to have a ride on this. 10 bucks for theme park ticket holders. Those with the theme park tickets get FREE Unlimited CONTINUOUS rides to the Flying Coaster. We got tricked into thinking that we get unlimited rides even after leaving the Flying Coaster. A fun ride though! this was the most exciting one. I was having a bad gastric before getting on this ride but was all hyped up and gastric-free after the ride!

Genting IS haunted. Ugly ugly bears.

We passed by this chocoloate fountain many many times but none of us were willing to pay 8 bucks for a cup of those fruits that has been there since god knows when..O__O pw got a sip of the chocolate though haha

vm tiff and puffy eyed zyenn.


A pick of everyone. excluding me :)

Took me so long to edit these pics because i'm too lazy to go search for the mouse so edited all these using the trackpad...with me fingers. Ok thats all for this post. ciao~


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