I went for an eye check-up to confirm if the floaters in my eyes were harmful..because if they were, i could be blind...except they were not! *grins* hehehe

The eye testing experience freaked me out abit because my eyes were burning from the eye drops they put on my eyes that were supposed to dilate the pupils...then i was forced to look straight into the blinding lights...my eyes were hurting and i couldn't stop the tears. ouch. Then it made me ponder...would the lights from heaven be that strong and blinding? Is that what souls entering heaven would see?? hmmm...

By the way, something i thought cute happened at the eye hospital when i was collecting my medication.

*Come-dance-with-me kinda Indian song playing at the background*

*hands over receipt for medication* Erm.. excuse me can i have this collected?
Ok *takes receipt and looks at it* hmm...*presses some button for number*...*passes number to me* go sit down *point to seats*
alright :)
*pharmacist dissappears to search for medication*
*chats with mum about the last episode of desperate housewives i watched*
*pharmacist appears at counter and sits at his chair looking my way*
*look at pharmacist and smiles with that is-my-stuff-ready-to-be-collected look*
*pharmacist looks blur*.....*pharmacist presses another button*

DENGGGGGGGGGGG *my number appears on the screen*

Oh!...*stares at screen and pharmacist*
one drop three times a day ok?
Ok, thank you. *collects medication and giggles away with mum*

Why were we giggling? because all that happened here.

For those who don't understand the picture and why mum n i were giggling....my seat from the counter was at most 3 steps away and that pharmacy area was only THAttt big, there were only 8 seats available at that area.

so cute la.

u still don't get it. stop reading my blog because we are obviously of a different wavelength and stuff that is funny to me is not to u............HAHAha just kidding!! dont get pissed yea? I'm just being my lame self and I'm no good at describing funny incidents to people. *peace*

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