Are holidays meant to be this boring???????

all i do is sit in front of the comp and surf around or edit some pictures. Speaking of which...i'm gettin annoyed with the photos taken from my cam. Everything is so boring...lousy shots. Blergh.

this was a little something Grace gave me from her trip to Thailand...the blah shots were taken last week when i was supposed to be studying for finals.

s i e n.

was at Timesquare sometime during the last fewdays of the SALE. That place never fails to irritate me....grossness.

Anyways, a funny incident happened at lalaland between me, my brother and this girl (lets call her Airrie). Brother and i were laughing about the fashion in lalaland. Checking out chicks with"awesome" fashion sense. There was this girl wearing the cutest oversized basketball jersey kinda top which says "I'm too sexy for my top" in bright Fuschia. haha so anyways bro and i were giggling about the top and just then Airrie walked past us, folding her arms. Airrie was at most 17 years old (judging from her features *ahem*). She was surveying the shop with her mommy and I'm thinking she must have been disgusted with fashion too just like me and my bro...we ignored her. But she somehow just gave us the most irritated look ever...rolled her eyes at us and kept walking around the shop in her arrogant manner. Bro and i was of course irritated and bro even went

"cheh...what did we do to her?"...

just then she stopped in front of us staring at some shoes and her bigass belly was exposed. Us being our annoying selves started giggling of course because Airrie was quite a pretty gal and Normally pretty gals who go around rolling eyes at people I assume would have also been more aware of her appearence. Nevermind the belly, not like i dont have one myself haha. We continued with our talking ignoring Airrie...just then i spotted an open fly. on who else but Airrie. hahahaha. Once we saw that we couldn't control giggling and just burst out in laughter right in the shop. Everyone was looking. But no one knew what were we laughing about, even Airrie. hahahahaha poor girl.

Moral of story : Thinking of rolling your eyes at people?

Make sure you're fly is not wide open ( now u know why i named her Airrie eyh?) or pick on those who are less observant.

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