Lagoon-ah beach

Where on earth are those spectacles of mine?! sighh I've misplaced them since Monday and have yet to remember where i last left them. I've checked the study room, the wardrobe, the Laundry basket, underneath my bed, kitchen...and they are no where to be found. Sighhh.

(ROFL over stupid title for this post) a few of us girls went to Sunway Lagoon was a BLAST! and to those of you invited but were too busy/ lazy/ proud/ broke to come with us...too bad haha...just kidding alright? it would have been so much more fun with the rest of you crazy people.

lets do this in point form shall we?

Pirate ship ride was amazing..-ly stressful. That was because we did not predict that we would be swinged 360 degrees. 5 of us girls plus a couple who were friend's of Tiffany sat facing each other and i said i'll get nightmares oft the crazy faces of those sitting opposite me. Hopefully i won't.

My pants were wayyy to loose so i had to buy a new pair from the lagoon shop.

Loved most of the rides we took but none were as exciting as the pirate ship.

A bunch of people (I'm guessing Hongkies) held onto our floats and floated with us along the ( I forgot what do u call that) river??

Some of the lfie guards/ workers were extremely friendly, some where f***ing annoying. Just because their job sucks and they dont get to check out many chicks in bikinis throughout their work but instead have to suffer sights of half-naked fat, old man or women around doesn't mean they have the rights to be rude to the people visiting the park.

A bunch of guys were suspected to be following us around the park. Two fellas came up to me and asked if there were anymore rides in Sunway Lagoon besides those that they took. Another three fellas (from the same bunch) approached yien at the surf pool and asked her if we all were free that night. har. har. *roll eyes*

A bunch of indian lads were up to something in the surf pool, we just dont know what. I saw one of em holding up a pair of the middle of the pool. *blur*

I was desperately trying to get tanned. haha

Our lunch consisted of a burger and soft drink. 8 bucks.

All in all, today was nothing but fun! After all the planning of going to the lagoon, we finally made it eventhough there were only 5 of us =)

Yeah surprisingly there are no pictures of this outing because i decided to leave my camera at home. awwww (im sorry bloggie)

(I'll edit this post later if i can remember)

btw I had cantonese fried noodles for dinner with baybee-the-sweetest-thing-on-earth! thanks to yien and vernmay who kept mentioning about fookginmien in the car on the way back *squeals*

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