Grandma vs people

Today i went shopping with my grandmother. We found what she wanted in this particular shop after hunting around the whole of Amcorp Mall. We spent a dreadful-for-me-but-happy-for-grandma 45 minutes in this shop because the shop owner and her friends were so friendly and my grandmother seemed to have clicked with them very well.

When i go around shopping all that goes on in the shop is something like...

can i help u miss?
oh i'm just browsing around, i'll let you know when i need your service.
*found stuff i wanted to try*
I'll try this on.
*enters fitting room*
*exits fitting room*
thanks, I'll take these/ Thanks, no they are not suitable

HOWEVER, when she shops....this happens

featuring grandma, shop owner, friend 1, friend 2, myself

*grandma exits fitting room*

mee-sellllll!! how?? *turns to shop owner* how much ar??

wahhh this is perfect for u! the material matches the top u want to wear for the dinner..u see! 120 only!

wahh aunty very stylish hor? see your clothes all so nice wah..look at your outfit today, so u sure have taste!

hahah really ar?? cheaper la...

eyh? this is your granddaugther? wah very leng lui


oh how old is she? studying in Uni now?

19, yeahh in Uni

where arr?



OHH..HELP arrr... same as AH-XXX.

yeahh yeahh

Oh then they might be coursemates!

no laa!! haha AH-XXX is already working.

ohh haha yeah she studying psychology

so "lek" ar? wahh so nice hor? your grandchild so big already...can enjoy life now come out shopping and walk walk

Ahah what so good? now i have to look after these young ones...u guess how old am i?

hmm somewhere around 60?

HEH! im 78 already...eyh wait according to the lunar calendar im 79

eyhhold on..what year were you born?

year of the dragon

OHH yes yes 79 already..but wow u dont look 79 at all! no where near there! so healthy

ahah thats because i go line dancing 4 times a week! u know after exercising u'd feel very energetic

yea yea people who exercise..well u can tell that they exercise

Thats why... see i always tell the young ones to exercise...u see like this one (me -__-) she sleeps till noon everyday and is always so lazy, but always complain that she's fat.

HArh? fat? no laaaaa...just nice already! i tell you why! *walks around me and stares from up to down* because u are tall u know? and u dont have this *smacks my kononnyer flat tummy* Ok i tell u...just here *smacks my bootie* ahh dont let here grow somemore...because now proportioned

er..haha...haha *secretly wishes to be somewhere else*

haha hey 100 la...

no no cannot la aunty 120...this is the cheapest i can give la. This is velvet you know? good quality velvet! aunty now at this age...must enjoy life you know?

*another friend of shop owner enter*

Hey hey u see this aunty dont look like 78 right?? wow the previous customer was 68, also does line dancing! this one more Geng!

Wahh!! haha do u know who is Betty?? She's singaporean, also into line dancing, dances at the seapark area..Ohh u know cha cha all those??

ahaha...yeah exercise keeps u healthy....I don't know her haha cha cha? i learnt before when i was younger...haha 100 la

aiyoh aunty cannot la! 120

110 laaa

aunty....i'm not bluffing you! this is the lowest i can give u if not i dont earn anything...and this pants fit u so nicely

aiyahh...ok la ok la 120 la.

hahaha yeahh thats the way aunty! must enjoy life! haha so u want to pay deposit first? pay the rest after alteration

how much you want?

any amount you come back around half an hour ok?

This entry has way too many colors. This was only one shop out of the many other shops we entered. my grandmother bought 2 more items from another two more shops and something similar happened (the age guessing, line dancing and me complaining that i'm fat part). Speechless weih.

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