sorry for the lack of updates. Been too tired lately.

everyday i return home feeling so semangat-ed to blog, but when i get to the comp...that semangat will be transfered to catching up with the series I've been taking ages to download.

feeling so tired and stressed out.

holiday pun stress...
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o_O O_o o_o O_O -_O '_' -_- ._.
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Farewell JSQ

Here are some pictures from Jack's Farewell @ Puchong Lake Edge. Long overdue eehehe

Don't have time editing and decoratin pics like i used to anymo.

So here goes!

The very beautiful Lake Edge @ Puchong

The farewell was held at the Clubhouse. N

an excited visitor.

Here is a picture of the tennis courts.

Which reminds me...FEDERER WON the Wimbledon! He is such a good player. Watching the Sharapova Vs Venus William's match was funny. Both of them were more like competing against each other to be the "noisiest" player rather than the best one on the court.

Sharapova : *annoying moaning sorta sound as she serves* Ahhh~

Venus : [hmm that bitch gonna get all the support from the crowd! i must challengee] AHHhh~

Sharapova : [wth? she trying to take my title as noisiest female tennis player?] AHHHhh~

Venus : [ bitch!] OoooAAAahhh~

Sharapova : *throws a fit as venus is winning and her long ass dinglydangly earings gets tangled up with her Racquet as she merajuks*

bwahahaha! If u notice sharapova playing enough (playing tennis), she has this routine before she serves.

step 1: pushes left sideys behind left ear
step 2: pushes right sideys behind right ear
step3: bounce tennis ball twice
step4: serve and make loud moaning sound

i call those hair at the side of the ears sideys *squints* pardon my weak command of english

OK...from Lake Edge to Wimbledon and now back to Lake Edge.

Baybee and i Camwhoring most of the time upon arrival haha cos the view was just awesome.

i think i look weird in the pics i took that night.

Some of the people who were there.....

Took a pic with Anna :) :) :)

The businessman and Business women

We were all entertained by JSQ FM throughout the night ;). hahaha so cool to have your own radio station (even if its only for one night).

Halfway through the party...i spotted the arrival of a botak dude making damn alot of noise. He was hugging alot of people and just created alot of attention to himself :P


we saw the botak dude walking towards us.

"ohhh Darrel..."


Jack shared his testimonial later that night on how God proved once again that he has got our lives all planned out for us =)

Finally, the one and only picture we got to take with the busy busy boy that night.

L-R aikthai, Jack, hmmm, Boogene, darrel.

The end.

more updates soon k!

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me steal pics


it's 548 a.m.

i spent about 4 hours stealing pictures from alot of people...people who are on the connections of kontradikcion.

the colors and and all look so good together *faints*

my head is achinggggggggg

now i can go sleep in peace :D

[sorry if any of u feel offended with me stealing your pics without your permission]
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they look like me

For the last time, i do not look like SOMEONE......whoever

THEY look like ME!
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dumb dee dumb

I spent the whole of yesterday studying and cramming facts into this blob of jelly like stuff situated in my head known as my brain and because i think that blob of jelly like stuff sort of kinda malfunctioned a lil, i only realized that i studied (revised) The wrong SUBJECT!! (the one that would be tested a few days later). Best part was i only realized that at 1am, when i could already imagine myself drooling in bed cos i was almost done revising the WRONG subject. boo.

, i dialed the emergency number and was attended to by a very comforting and not to mention sexy voice. ;)

I ended up sleeping around 4am. boo x2.

Btw, i found the video that my brother showed me ages ago.

this was what made me put that bubble on the tiger in my previous entry. Darn random and funny. But i still hate cats.

~cat..i'm a kitty cat and i meow meow meow...i meow meow meow~

Eyh..what am i doing here?! I'm supposed to be on a hiatus! eesh
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happy happy

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