dumb dee dumb

I spent the whole of yesterday studying and cramming facts into this blob of jelly like stuff situated in my head known as my brain and because i think that blob of jelly like stuff sort of kinda malfunctioned a lil, i only realized that i studied (revised) The wrong SUBJECT!! (the one that would be tested a few days later). Best part was i only realized that at 1am, when i could already imagine myself drooling in bed cos i was almost done revising the WRONG subject. boo.

, i dialed the emergency number and was attended to by a very comforting and not to mention sexy voice. ;)

I ended up sleeping around 4am. boo x2.

Btw, i found the video that my brother showed me ages ago.

this was what made me put that bubble on the tiger in my previous entry. Darn random and funny. But i still hate cats.

~cat..i'm a kitty cat and i meow meow meow...i meow meow meow~

Eyh..what am i doing here?! I'm supposed to be on a hiatus! eesh

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