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multipurpose rubber

got these beautiful runway pictures from a forwarded email.

This fashion show was held at Beijing sometime in April 07.



quite unique..




sexy swimwear.

take a closer look?



Some people are just brilliant, aren't they?

Oh look, anyone of u getting married soon and don't wanna spend a fortune on your gown, try this

Condoms are becoming so useful these days huh? First, Lao Zhar Bor used them as floats, now this...i wonder what will be next...

picture taken from

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what i made my boy go through

what do u do when you purchase new cosmetics?

well, i dragged the bf into testing my makeup!

I've been persuading the boyfriend to let me slap some makeup on him since 1965 and after 19279803 years, He complied!

bwahahahhaa! *happiness*

first of all, we made sure the face was thoroughly cleansed, toned and moisturized.

then, we slapped on some make up base aka primer to ensure smooth application of the cosmetics and also to make sure they last long!

next, we applied foundation using a foundation brush.

Concealer comes in next where we concealed the dark eye circles and any blemishes on the face.

Next, we contoured the nose to created an elongated and sharper nose by applying concealer in a darker shade on both sides of the nose. Instantly, we created a higher bridge nose!

Now, we settled the foundation and concealer with some loose powder and now we're all set for the eyes! ................................ NOT!

go die those steps are for gays!....and females.... *rolls on floor laughing*

i only tested my new eyeliner on him =)

he was so nervous when i held the liner near his eyes! I actually felt quite evil making him go through it but because i was cold hearted beech, i persisted till I was done lining his left lid. Took a few minutes to calm down after i was done with the first eye and then we moved to the next.

The End Result?


His reaction when he first saw himself on the mirror = priceless :P

sangat gothic punya baybee...too bad i didn't have my other ka-changs with me else I'll give him that smokey eye look *rofl* aka the kena-beng look.

I'm not sure how do those goth dudes do their liner so i just did what i would normally do to my eyes

Rwar! lil z and boogene looking bewy bewy scawy.

comments from him were....

"omg, the trouble you go through..."

and then

okay now how do i get this out? make up remover O_____O
don't worry! we use moisturizer...

there were still traces of eyeliner on his eyes even after several rounds of cleaning with moisturizer and facial wash.

ooops! *feeling super bad*

but this would only prove one thing.

my eyeliner is indeed waterproof and long lasting!


no donkee's were harmed during the makeover :P

thanks for being so sporting bee! *muax muax muax*
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in a super bitchy mode

bloody pissed off reading an email from a source that no longer should be emailing me.

I don't think i should go into the contents of that message.

But in conclusion what i felt while reading it was just anger, dissapointment and also maybe a lil bit of jealousy.

Maybe they're doing what they are doing now only because it happened to more people.

Or maybe my lost possession, which was about Rm2600++ when i got it is nothing compared to 150 bucks of cash from a few people and therefore, not worth the time and effort of certain people to perform simple acts like filing a report about the incident to the people who should be in charge.
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facts of life


1. You accidentally enter your password on the microwave.
2. You haven’t played Solitaire with real cards in years.
3. You have a list of 15 phone numbers to reach your family of 3.
4. You e-mail the person who works at the desk next to you.
5. Your reason for not staying in touch with friends and family is that they don’t have e-mail addresses.
6. You pull up in your own driveway and use your cell phone to see if anyone is home to help you carry in the groceries.
7. Every commercial on television has a web site at the bottom of the screen.
8. Leaving the house without your cell phone, which you didn’t have the first 20 or 30 (or 60) years of your life, is now a cause for panic and you turn around to go and get it.
10. You get up in the morning and go on line before getting your coffee.
11. You start tilting your head sideways to smile. : )
12. You’re reading this and nodding and laughing.
13. Even worse, you know exactly to whom you are going to forward this message.
14. You are too busy to notice there was no #9 on this list.
15. You actually scrolled back up to check that there was no #9 on this list.
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is what i'm experiencing most of the time these days.

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big bawl

i feel like a bawl.

a big squishy wobbly bawl.

a clumsy, no-sense-of-direction bawl.

*squishes self and rolls about at home*
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ranting z y e n n

Just wanted to rant.

As much as i want to be nice to people, especially a new staff because i know how i felt being treated as a newbie...i knew nothing when i first started, just like this new staff, so i told myself that no matter what when the new person comes in to replace me, i will tutor him/her the best i can so that he/she won't mess up the already messed up system...

...I simply cannot tolerate people who are not even putting in some effort to help themselves learn.

I believe that IF

you know that you have to buck up with your English...

you know you can't possibly remember all the steps to do this or that that I'll be teaching you....

you know you are not that tech savvy...

you know that you take some time to adjust new environments...

You would naturally want to help yourself to perform better, RIGHT?

what's worse are those who own the above "qualities" but don't give a damn about striving to be better.

Or is it because of the "mentality" issue? Maybe it's because of environmental differences and upbringing...whatever it is, I-really-cannot-stand dot com dot my slash cannot-like-that-wan-lor.

this is KL we're talking about...not some small town...where the lifestyle consist of

60% chilling time 30% gambling time and 10% working time.

i sound so evil right? i know.....=(

but but....buttttt

(the below conversation was held in mandarin)

scene 1
me: first u do this...then this....then that....then click this....and type this
xx: *looks away from screen* want to watch closely? why don't you take some notes? in case you forget..
ehehe no need ler...
but i think this can get quite confusing...i was quite confused when i first started also thats why i took my own notes...
*in a joking manner* that u give me your notes la! *giggles* i'll photocopy it!
*experienced wtf ?moment no.1* er...but i think you would be able to understand better if you wrote your own notes, because i wrote mine for my own understanding...

scene 2

hmm the system is experiencing some problems, never mind..I'll show u what we do when we receive these (some docs) first...then you finish up the rest ok?
okay...first you do this and this...then this and that...then that and that...understand? want to jot that down? Let me know if u get lost okay? and REMEMBER *points to a part of the doc* to change that part okay? need to write la.

(after demonstrating how to handle those docs....for at least 3 times)

alright now, you finish up with the rest of the 5 docs okay? I have to get back to the other stuff..
okay okay...
*leaves for my own seat to work on my own stuff*

few minutes later

scene 3 do i start again ar?
*experienced wtf moment no.2* huhh? but...i just showed you for quite a number of times? *laughs abit to calm self down* ahaha it's okay...I was very confused when i first started why don't i just jot down everything for u.

*grabs a bigass sheet of A4 and starts writing out DETAILED steps*
(ie: which button to click on, where would that click lead you to, how many times should you hit the "enter" button)

Is this alright? Okay i explain one more time...first this...see i wrote that down...then this and that...look it's on the paper...laa dee daa
okay thanks.

few minutes later

scene 4

*hands a document over to new staff* okay, this is a special case...for this item *points specifically to a word printed on the doc and reads it out loudly* REMEMBER to key it in as XXX, okay? because you can't find this word in the system...the system only reads XXX

few SECONDS later

michelle michelle! this item is not available in the system.
*stares at that word i just pointed to a few seconds ago and experienced wtf moment no.3* haha didn't i tell u to change it to XXX? so fast forgotten already ar? haha it's alright...why don't you make small notes on the A4 i wrote for you?

few MORE SECONDS later

scene 5
michelle michelle! what do i do now?

*points to the A4 just scribbled on* Nehh i wrote it here what...hehe
ohh ohh...
okay why don't i sit beside start typing, I'll guide you one more time..
*starts keying in stuff in wrong column WITHOUT checking the screen*
ahh!! wait wait! don't press enter! cannot simply enter stuff in wrong column because we can't change it later! *panics*
oh...*giggles* can delete later what...
no...can't change later.
huhh? then what happens if i keyed in wrongly...
then we have to issue a whole new statement to correct that mistake...that could be tedious...
ohh..*giggles abit*


okay la...i feel damn evil already to have typed all those out...i shall save the rest of the "scenes" for myself.

i do admit i committed alot of mistakes when i first started also...but i think at least i tried to pay attention to what the previous staff taught me in 2 freaking days stuff that took that previous staff 3 weeks to learn up.

this ain't school anymore...i don't mind tutoring a child like that but now, you're like 20? who's gonna help you if you don't even wnat to help yourself?

i don't get why this new staff just wouldn't want to take down notes for her own good?! i was practically begging this new staff to jot down some notes!! I'm serious...

How ar? i've been giving this new staff a lot of unconditional positive regard and positive reinforcement. Really feel like tutoring a child going

"yes yes that's correct"

"yeah that's it"
"yes! you've got it"

"it's okay i made that mistake before"

but of course I would want to encourage this new staff to not give up...any other methods? hahaha

honestly, becoming a mentor made me a more patient person compared to before.

...maybe i just suck as a teacher...

*bigass sigh*

am i good? am i evil? am i good or am i evil?

i'm good
i'm evil
i'm goovil
i'm gooevil
i'm evilod

I need a bath.
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some of the items around the house i find interesting.

u guys ever heard of this fruit called pisang susu? pisang= banana, susu= milk....and pisang susu=banana that tastes like milk! and the fruit is huge compared to conventional bananas.

i compared it to a pop bottle

all the carbs u need in one fruit.

I was at the night market one day when i bumped into an old school mate. Caught up a lil bout each other and it was nice because there wasn't any awkwardness while chatting with her even though i wasn't close to her during my high school years.

i bought 2 stalks of carnations from the night market....for no apparent reason. hee

one of em blossomed and was looking very good for 2 weeks, while the other one kept her head towards south until she died. boo.

was feeling abit emo the last few days....

what happens after life?
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