I've been away for too long and there's so much to update about the holidays

one of the not-so-many happening activities of mine during the holidays was....


it was my first time going for paintball and i was therefore, very excited...but not as excited as boifee dearest :P

i don't know how to describe the experience properly but it was in conclusion, damn fun n exciting!

my sweat kept fogging the lenses of my mask and i was half blind after the first round of the game. Gotta figure out a way to keep my mask clear cos it sucks not being able to see clearly in those extremely dangerous situations. Think, paintballs aimed at you flying at 100miles/hr on your left n right (i don't know how fast is that but it should b about the speed of Federer's servie..haha)

painful experience, but exciting!

Can't wait for the next round lalalala~

Since i'm becoming more n more lazy as a blogger, I'll end the rest of this post with some pictures courtesy of erinn.

TOA designers, a HELP psycho, a PJCAD designer and a DJ-ian.

All scared/ bruised after the game :D

I know i just made the whole experience sound really boring but u've gotta be in the field to experience the excitement of this game!

i gotta work on my aiming heeeeeee.


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