some of the items around the house i find interesting.

u guys ever heard of this fruit called pisang susu? pisang= banana, susu= milk....and pisang susu=banana that tastes like milk! and the fruit is huge compared to conventional bananas.

i compared it to a pop bottle

all the carbs u need in one fruit.

I was at the night market one day when i bumped into an old school mate. Caught up a lil bout each other and it was nice because there wasn't any awkwardness while chatting with her even though i wasn't close to her during my high school years.

i bought 2 stalks of carnations from the night market....for no apparent reason. hee

one of em blossomed and was looking very good for 2 weeks, while the other one kept her head towards south until she died. boo.

was feeling abit emo the last few days....

what happens after life?

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