what i made my boy go through

what do u do when you purchase new cosmetics?

well, i dragged the bf into testing my makeup!

I've been persuading the boyfriend to let me slap some makeup on him since 1965 and after 19279803 years, He complied!

bwahahahhaa! *happiness*

first of all, we made sure the face was thoroughly cleansed, toned and moisturized.

then, we slapped on some make up base aka primer to ensure smooth application of the cosmetics and also to make sure they last long!

next, we applied foundation using a foundation brush.

Concealer comes in next where we concealed the dark eye circles and any blemishes on the face.

Next, we contoured the nose to created an elongated and sharper nose by applying concealer in a darker shade on both sides of the nose. Instantly, we created a higher bridge nose!

Now, we settled the foundation and concealer with some loose powder and now we're all set for the eyes! ................................ NOT!

go die those steps are for gays!....and females.... *rolls on floor laughing*

i only tested my new eyeliner on him =)

he was so nervous when i held the liner near his eyes! I actually felt quite evil making him go through it but because i was cold hearted beech, i persisted till I was done lining his left lid. Took a few minutes to calm down after i was done with the first eye and then we moved to the next.

The End Result?


His reaction when he first saw himself on the mirror = priceless :P

sangat gothic punya baybee...too bad i didn't have my other ka-changs with me else I'll give him that smokey eye look *rofl* aka the kena-beng look.

I'm not sure how do those goth dudes do their liner so i just did what i would normally do to my eyes

Rwar! lil z and boogene looking bewy bewy scawy.

comments from him were....

"omg, the trouble you go through..."

and then

okay now how do i get this out?
.......shit....no make up remover O_____O
don't worry! we use moisturizer...

there were still traces of eyeliner on his eyes even after several rounds of cleaning with moisturizer and facial wash.

ooops! *feeling super bad*

but this would only prove one thing.

my eyeliner is indeed waterproof and long lasting!


no donkee's were harmed during the makeover :P

thanks for being so sporting bee! *muax muax muax*

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