I'm thinking of having a charity drive. to raise funds for my hair. gleeee.

You see.. to perm my hair, I would need mucho mucho moolah and because I'm so broke now, I kinda need manly manly peepur to donate their moolah to me.

Those interested to donate to my hair fund can mail me at for my account number or arrange a time with me to go beg/collect money from you. haa.

Other interested parties, please mail me too for more details.

To pessimistic people who think i won't be getting any donations this way. I donch like you! *sticks tongue out at pessimistic peepur*

Thank you thank you.
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A lil bit about my new layout, my bored life, & LCW on getting the silver medal

mmm I'm feeling all bored and lonely. It's not like i have nothing better to do, in fact i have so much of other more important things to attend to but i'm just so lazy. feeling lethargic. Lets hope this feeling is not permanent. *squints*

well, at least i took the effort to do up my dead blog a lil. hee hee hee.

Don't you just love my new header?? lol.

updated those linkies too....decided to remove those picture links just because. *sticks tongue out at whoever protesting* heehee. nah i just thought it was too fancy and it has been there for so longgg....kontradikcion's layout will now head towards more minimalistic designs. hee. because they don't make my comp turn slow-mo when I'm working on em.

got so much to update about. aih. when will i ever find the time and RAM to edit and upload those pictures??

i have a need. a need for speed.

in other words, i need a new comp.

random: bah i went to fill up my tank yesterwastheday but petrol prices reduced a lillll toistheday. grr. own money summore.

I'm bored. lets talk. I'll start

hi, i'm teh, michelle teh. I like being random and anything ol skool. I have a pair of scissors and some pink ribbon in front of me now. I have big feet and thus trouble finding shoes i love in Malaysia. I love listening to stories of all kind. I also think hairstylists should buck up on their skills for blow drying curls because i added 5 bucks extra to my hair wash the other day for curls that couldn't even last a few measly hours. I have too many embarrassing stories in my life that only a few significant know of. I just spent 5 secs putting my hair up in a bun before typing this line. my stomach is aching a lil, as usual. I should probably add a few pictures in this post. hmm.

ooo so many ppl...whats up whats up?

*looks down*
some maxis event, doesn't look very exciting..

ooooo watching something off the big screen isit...

they were all supporting Lee Chong Wei in the Semi Finals!

there were cheers everytime he scored! and boooooos everytime the opponent scored. lol!

Malaysia Boleh.............tahan! Still very proud that he at least got us a silver.

okie. time for snoozieland where ponies and marshmallows are supposed to be floating around pink cotton candy that resemble clouds in the sky. hmm. I'll go find my marshmallow now. *bites marshmallow*


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Check them out!


New features at phasionology!

*New Feature*
Live View!

Check em out!
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Will update soon

Will update soon...

Thanks for all your love *squeals*
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Much more...

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wahahahah!! hari in dalam sejarah!

omg cannot stop laughing now! Feeling soooooooooooooooooooo much better from reading an email from someone!

Lets just say this person pointed out something we have OBVIOUSLY noticed! but it just feels so much better that a third person is the one pointing it out you know you know? *rolls on floor laughing*

That is why....let the middle people judge. *flips hair*

btw i'd love to quote a few people

its a planned coincidence (Ong, 2008)

Charles Caleb Colton: "Imitation is the sincerest of flattery." (Cited in Tan, 2008)

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Noobie me


hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee *peace sign*
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Missed this :(

OKAY Feeling VERY Disappointed and am merajuking because i can't believe it missed this!

Kujo @ KL Jam Asia's Anniversary Gig
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Just letting my thoughts flow....


The first part of my thesis is over, and i'm still alive :D

I shall reveal the title of my thesis so that readers who have been following on how i rant about procrastinating can have a good laugh....

my thesis area title is.........

The Effects of Stress on Decision Making Process

lalalala all together laugh :p

hehehe the more specific title i initially wanted to focus on was

perceived stress, social support and decision making styles

but then i had some problems with getting journals to back up my points so.....i changed the title to be even more focused...

perceived stress, social support and procrastination

and then again, i felt that the journals available in that field was so dry! so....within the last 48 hours before my thesis due date....i changed again.......

Perceived stress, social support and subjective well-being.

and as per usual, finished up my 6601 word paper the night before it was due.

Imma Champion! *beams* Just pray that my results won't suck too badly...


Today was such a tiring day can? Last night was so fun spending time with baybeeee after so long because of stupid thesis...sigh....magnum&shandy@12....miss it so much...even though it was just one of the many simple days we spent together :)


Damn tiring can? walked so much today and i was craving for coconut water! I still got no coconut till the end of the day...ish...cannot...tmr must get! but tmr will be spent in another mall and malls normally have shortage of coconuts...except those canned up ones. Has anyone ever tasted those canned coconut water? I wonder how they'd taste...let me know if you're kind enough to be my lab rat.

Tmr will be spent exercising my vocal cords *flips hair* I just told tiffany over the phone that i used to sing in a choir and she gave me the loudest HARHHhh?? HMPH! what so weird about that? i used to sing quite a bit even though i might not be that good in it. I want to practice can duet with my rockstar baybee LOL...tak tau malu...ehehe...btw have you heard of his songs?

"Escape Euphoria" and now the latest hot stuff "Beyond the Storm"? Have you? Have you? What??? you haven't?

I'd highly recommend the first song for spa/massage use and the second for exercising/dancing purposes.

Both very unique in their own way and very addictive to the ears.

*clickety click*
The Gyre Motion
The Gyre Motion

He spent so much time recording these two tunes...i was there with him when he recorded like a few seconds of the second song and boy it takes so much of passion and patience and talent to get all the layers of tune sounding this beautiful. I'm proud of my rockstar i know you can tell. :)


wee again.

wee for the third time. third time's a charm.

Now everyone will get a good night's sleep and tmr we'll all get pretty bright smiles on our faces when we wake up to the very hot weather of Malaysia.


btw I dunno if you'll ever read this but to axabyzura my highschool babe.....

Happy 21st Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*overload of hugs and squeezes*

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the last hours

With reference to DIE or No DIE!?!

I'm still very much alive thank you.


note to self: everyone's wishing you good luck weih, even your customers ok! please buck up!

But you better not depend on LUCK so much because you know you gotta do what you gotta do michelle teh zhu-yenn! *smacks self*

Why do i deserve slapping?

Because instead of finishing up my thesis. which is due in a few more hours...

I spent my time watching movies the last three days. Crazy and i deserve slapping i know.

I watched this Stephen Chow & Leslie Cheung old comedy TWICE

Watched Leslie Cheung's Last movie on earth ONCE

Watched Evan Almighty TWICE

Watched Wanted TWICE

so that makes 7 movies. har har har har.


I've been camping out @ my hall the whole week and haven't been sleeping on me bed. I slept on the couch whenever i couldn't tahan being awake and thanks to my optical mouse + Keyboard...

I adjusted my 22 inch monitor's resolution, enlarged the font sizes, Lay on me couch and used my keyboard + Mouse from my couch that's like 4 meters away from the comp the whole week!

So lazy i know! i might take a picture of how lazy i look when doing my dreadful thesis.

Daddy's comment : Lucky we got the bigger screen right? I've never seen anyone using a comp THIS lazy.


I gotta say this, I realised listening to songs of a foreign language would work best when doing assignments. because when i'm listening to songs of languages that i understand, i tend to sing along and feel the lyrics...trying to decipher the lines and hidden meanings behind some of the songs and hence making me lose focus when doing my work.

This however, never happens when im listening to songs of languages that i don't understand because i just simply do not understand and won't bother deciphering the meanings behind their lyrics!

I listen to songs with good lyrics and i take effort to find out the meaning behind lyrics when i like a particular song. So yea, its Spanish spree for me now! Camila Camila Camila! eeks!

SHIT! I'm running outta time! but this limited time is whats fueling my semangat to ta pao this paper! slap me slap me! i had a whole month free to work on this paper.

I'm just kidding don't slap me, my baybee might bash u up hohohoho!
(sayang me baybeeeeeee...*kelian* o.o)

btw i'm gonna shamelessly promote phasionology again because we have got Pastel Tunics in store! Woot! so sweet can! only left with two pieces now hohohoho business doing good ;)

ps. my gmail notifier just indicated i have a post-it submission...wooooo

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