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The first part of my thesis is over, and i'm still alive :D

I shall reveal the title of my thesis so that readers who have been following on how i rant about procrastinating can have a good laugh....

my thesis area title is.........

The Effects of Stress on Decision Making Process

lalalala all together laugh :p

hehehe the more specific title i initially wanted to focus on was

perceived stress, social support and decision making styles

but then i had some problems with getting journals to back up my points so.....i changed the title to be even more focused...

perceived stress, social support and procrastination

and then again, i felt that the journals available in that field was so dry! so....within the last 48 hours before my thesis due date....i changed again.......

Perceived stress, social support and subjective well-being.

and as per usual, finished up my 6601 word paper the night before it was due.

Imma Champion! *beams* Just pray that my results won't suck too badly...


Today was such a tiring day can? Last night was so fun spending time with baybeeee after so long because of stupid thesis...sigh....magnum&shandy@12....miss it so much...even though it was just one of the many simple days we spent together :)


Damn tiring can? walked so much today and i was craving for coconut water! I still got no coconut till the end of the day...ish...cannot...tmr must get! but tmr will be spent in another mall and malls normally have shortage of coconuts...except those canned up ones. Has anyone ever tasted those canned coconut water? I wonder how they'd taste...let me know if you're kind enough to be my lab rat.

Tmr will be spent exercising my vocal cords *flips hair* I just told tiffany over the phone that i used to sing in a choir and she gave me the loudest HARHHhh?? HMPH! what so weird about that? i used to sing quite a bit even though i might not be that good in it. I want to practice more...so can duet with my rockstar baybee LOL...tak tau malu...ehehe...btw have you heard of his songs?

"Escape Euphoria" and now the latest hot stuff "Beyond the Storm"? Have you? Have you? What??? you haven't?

I'd highly recommend the first song for spa/massage use and the second for exercising/dancing purposes.

Both very unique in their own way and very addictive to the ears.

*clickety click*
The Gyre Motion
The Gyre Motion

He spent so much time recording these two tunes...i was there with him when he recorded like a few seconds of the second song and boy it takes so much of passion and patience and talent to get all the layers of tune sounding this beautiful. I'm proud of my rockstar i know you can tell. :)


wee again.

wee for the third time. third time's a charm.

Now everyone will get a good night's sleep and tmr we'll all get pretty bright smiles on our faces when we wake up to the very hot weather of Malaysia.


btw I dunno if you'll ever read this but to axabyzura my highschool babe.....

Happy 21st Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*overload of hugs and squeezes*

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