A lil bit about my new layout, my bored life, & LCW on getting the silver medal

mmm I'm feeling all bored and lonely. It's not like i have nothing better to do, in fact i have so much of other more important things to attend to but i'm just so lazy. feeling lethargic. Lets hope this feeling is not permanent. *squints*

well, at least i took the effort to do up my dead blog a lil. hee hee hee.

Don't you just love my new header?? lol.

updated those linkies too....decided to remove those picture links just because. *sticks tongue out at whoever protesting* heehee. nah i just thought it was too fancy and it has been there for so longgg....kontradikcion's layout will now head towards more minimalistic designs. hee. because they don't make my comp turn slow-mo when I'm working on em.

got so much to update about. aih. when will i ever find the time and RAM to edit and upload those pictures??

i have a need. a need for speed.

in other words, i need a new comp.

random: bah i went to fill up my tank yesterwastheday but petrol prices reduced a lillll toistheday. grr. own money summore.

I'm bored. lets talk. I'll start

hi, i'm teh, michelle teh. I like being random and anything ol skool. I have a pair of scissors and some pink ribbon in front of me now. I have big feet and thus trouble finding shoes i love in Malaysia. I love listening to stories of all kind. I also think hairstylists should buck up on their skills for blow drying curls because i added 5 bucks extra to my hair wash the other day for curls that couldn't even last a few measly hours. I have too many embarrassing stories in my life that only a few significant know of. I just spent 5 secs putting my hair up in a bun before typing this line. my stomach is aching a lil, as usual. I should probably add a few pictures in this post. hmm.

ooo so many ppl...whats up whats up?

*looks down*
some maxis event, doesn't look very exciting..

ooooo watching something off the big screen isit...

they were all supporting Lee Chong Wei in the Semi Finals!

there were cheers everytime he scored! and boooooos everytime the opponent scored. lol!

Malaysia Boleh.............tahan! Still very proud that he at least got us a silver.

okie. time for snoozieland where ponies and marshmallows are supposed to be floating around pink cotton candy that resemble clouds in the sky. hmm. I'll go find my marshmallow now. *bites marshmallow*


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