A standard line in almost all the sentences uttered by yours truly today

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Hehe takes over!

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Outbid la. thanks also to streamyx's super slow speed of internet...

sat here the whole morning waiting to bid for an item on Ebay that ends at

16:42:55 AEST

placed at bid at

16:38:44 AEST

Reloaded the page for countless of times t
o check on it.

First load was 3 mins left

Refresh cos taking forever

Second load was 1 over minutes yet...

refresh refresh erghhh!

3rd load was 46 secs left

and the fourth load took so freaking long i had to refresh 3 times...

only to find that i was outbid by some fella who placed the bid at

16:42:39 AEST

Sorry you were outbid, the item was sold to XXX.

WTF? damn pissed.

i really did try my best :( sorry...


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I've jumped on the bandwagon. Which one?

Not alone though, I'm a collectivist :) ....which one?

Its with 3 of my closest Uni buddies still haven't told us which bandwagon!?!


Yes, this type.

The online boutique type. :D

We're barely a week old and the support from phasionistas out there, i gotta overwhelming! We've got lovely fashion blog reviewers featuring our goodies + increasing our traffic (so thankful for them) and wonderful clients who are so eager to bank in their moolah to us. so cute

Do check it out as we're planning to bring in ALOT more Phasionable Goodies.

You must be thinking whats wrong with my spelling right?

Phasionology = fashion +ology spelled with a PH

why PH? cos its just more interesting and we strive to be unique in our own way, starting with the name first yea?

There are hundreds more of online boutiques out there and the stuff they carry are awesome too! Check them out through these famous fashion blogs that reviewed our stuff Compulsively addicted, Diary of an e-shopaholic and My Basic Fashion Folder.

It will be an eye-opening experience to those who are not used to shopping online in Malaysia :)

ps. to you, my dear friend who also owns a boutique *winks* you know who you are! Lets work hard together! bring in more awesome stuff k! and don't be so stressed! *hugs* allow la commenting on your blog ish!
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The past and the present

Was looking through my ancient photoalbum and i found so many camho-ing pics of me. Miss those self absorbed me times hee heee.

also found this pic, taken prolly 2 or 3 years back. i think i've put this up on kontradikcion before...not sure, can't remember....just feel like putting it up now.

reminiscing the good ol times....


Why is it that i don't do stuff like these anymore?


berfathao with my camera...


This was after playing with make up....on only one side of my face. (hehe now u know why i was lying down like that!)

This was when my hair was about to be washed lol

This was when i had my eyelash extensions, about a month after it.

This was when baybee asked me to drink water :)

why is it i don't do stuff like these anymore?

I've changed...sigh. sigh. sigh.

i used to be more carefree and random.

no wonder people don't read kontradikcion anymore, last time they can stare at my self absorbed pictures and laugh at me, bitch about me and talk about how much of a poser i am.

Now? read what? so fun to read about someone complaining about thesis isit?


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so cool.

... the rest can't fit in the screen.

pretty cool right?

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A tag a day makes your blog....updated

Got Tagged by Mr Eu Jon Sern and Ms Natalie Chow

How to Play:
1. Put your music player on shuffle. 2. Press forward for each question. 3. Use the song title as the answer to the question even if it doesn’t make sense. No cheating. 4. With the answers, give your own comments on how it relates to the questions. 5. Tag 10 people.

How are you feeling today?
Fall Out Boys - Thanks for the memories
(LOL! yeah thank you idiots for the once good memories. :))

Will you get far in life?
Good Charlotte - Keep your hands off my girl
( wth!? Whats this suppose to mean? Keep your hands of my property then I'll get far?)

How do your friends see you?
Enya - Storms in Africa
(This is hilarious!!! Whats this title suppose to mean? I'm a very rare breed? I'm a very stormy kinda person? hot tempered? lol i have no idea!)

Will you get married?
Mika - Happy Ending
(Okkkkk i'll take just the title as a good sign but discard the lyrics! HMPH! yay!)

What is your best friend’s theme song?
Liz Phair - Extraordinary
(He is indeed extraordinary! )

What is the story of your life?
Don McLean - vincent
(errr...starry starry night..thats just how my story deep, i don't get)

What was high school like?
Corinne Bailey Ray - Put your records on
(three little birds sat on my window and they told me i dont need to worry)

How can you get ahead in life?
Hoobastank - The reason
(I'd love to have some clearer answers hahaha I'm not a perfect person, i found a reason for me to change who i used to be. ok, agreed. )

What’s the best thing about your friends?
Finch - Letters to you
(Well, they write me letters, like seriously! I have loads of lil notes from my highschool babes for my birthday! supposed to read one of them everyday! but i cheated by reading a few of them everytime i go to my treasure chest and color picker)

What's in store for this weekend?
Snow Patrol - Hands Open
(Open your head, damn alot of work to do ok!)

Describe your grandparents.
Mandy Moore- Umbrella
(when the sun shines we'll shine together weee! my grannies are protective? hmmm yes yes I'm blessed. too bad i never had the chance to meet my grandfathers...i would really have loved to get to know them.....sighhhh)

How’s your life going?
Feeder - Shatter
(omgosh..............this is so saddening ........ ...... .. . . . . . .. . . . . .I'm already depressed! now my life is shattered....)

What song will they play at your funeral?
Foo fighters - What if i do? in the album names In your honor
(ignore the weird title, lets analyse the album title! weeeee I'd be honoured in my funeral! whoever at my funeral would prolly be crying thinking what if i did what i did before she left....

OKKK whats wrong with me!!!!!!! )

How does the world see you?
Chris Daughtry's version of - I walk the line
( I don't comprehend the title. Hmm. World, can u explain further?

Will you have a happy life?
Feeder - Forgiven
I think i would if i learn to forgive. Oh well, ok i forgive you stupid people.

Do people secretly lust after you?
Fall out boys - Sugar we're goin down
(LOL! no comment! why are there so many fall out boys in my playlist, I'm shy.)

How can you make yourself happy?
Maroon five - Sunday Morning
(Getting the best outta my Sundays i guess hahaha)

What should you do with your life?
Jack Johnson - Sitting, wishing, dreaming
(I've got my life all mapped out by him already. i do think i do this sitting wishing dreaming routine way too often......and i dont really like it)

Will you ever have children?
Rihanna - We ride
( hahhaha I'll be riding in my ride with my big big family one fine day it seems lol)

What song would you strip to?
Black Eyed Peas Feat. Jack Johnson - Gone going
( i so would not...this is too weird man! ohh i get it gone meaning if i get damn drunk hahaha...damn weird...)

What does your mum think of you?
3 Doors down- Let me go
(sighhh....mummy i didn't know you so wanted me to let you go :( )

What is your deep, dark secret?
Quo Bello - La Sonora Dinamita
(exactly, what others would never ever get.....myself included actually)

What is your mortal enemy’s theme song?
cafe del mar - vol 7 - ibiza chill house music
(laugh out loud! yeah you be chilling alright you er enemy!)

What’s your personality like?
Aj Mclean- God let me love
( I am loving, i'd like to think that I'm a nice person and care alot about the people around me gwa gwa gwa)

What song will be played at your wedding?
Kitaro - Heaven & Earth
(On Heaven and Earth, we will be together forever and everrrrrrrrr weeee~! *blinks*)

Now for the tagging part...
ERrrrrrrrrrrr....I'm not used to tagging people already okieeeee lets seee

-My business Partners! (you all know who you are *winks* all of you! no excuses!!!)
-Pei Shan
-Stupid people (i've forgiven you! come do the tag k?)
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Just another one of those days where idiots decide to leave their houses to annoy others.

Dum dee dum.

I can say that I never fail to be amazed by anything and everything around me every moment of being alive in this world.

I'm amazed by the pretty little things i see in a garden.
I'm amazed by the prettydamnawesome thoughts of others through their blogs.
I'm amazed by how certain people just seem to have everything in life.

I'm truly amazed, and thats the good kinda amazed.

On the contrary, there are ugly things that never fail to amaze me as well.

For example, a so called friend stealing your ideas. I'm thinking whether or not these people would be interested in stealing my names for my future babies. Just imagine the situation.

Hypothetical situation

Joyce & Katherine: michelle! what are you gonna name your child?!
michelle : hmmmmm *rubs pregnant tummy* haha i think imma name my baby girl penelope :)

copycat: *secretly in heart* SHITTtt penelope is such a beautiful name! I better name my child that before her child is born!

a few months later

copycat: look at my baby! *cuddles infant*
michelle: oh! cute girl, whats her name?
copycat: haha i was thinking do you think we should dine here or there instead?
michelle: huh? whats her name?
copycat: hmmm...okay i've decided lets go there
michelle: caught a glimpse of copycats phone wallpaper displaying her child names that spells penelope.
michelle : what the heck? *continues rubbing pregnant tummy* such an idiot.

damn wth right?

imagine yeah few years down the line michelle brushes away all the grudges against copycat because she found a prettier name for her child - Dorothy.

michelle: dresses dorothy with pigtails and buys her a really unique pair of shoes
copycat: *secretly in heart* omG those shoes are so cute im so getting them for my penelope!

and then

copycat goes around flaunting her penelope's new shoes.

copycat: Just look at them!!!!!!!! I'm like such a genius right?


Like what I've said before I would give credit to those who are copycats of my ideas mainly because they know who to follow. so arrogant haha.

how bout a round of applause for them shall we?
standing ovation?
cos you put on quite a show
really had me going
now its time to go
curtains finally closing
that was quite a show
very entertaining

.....................................................hey everything is just starting to sound so familiar

Rightttt they're lyrics from Rihanna's take a bow.

wow i never knew the song could be used to communicate to people in this context! i thought its for cheaters only but it kinda reflects what i'm thinking! so cool!

Yeah so back to the losers, wait i mean copycats.

They are not losers, in fact they are winners.

Winners of awards such as "most original individual in the world"

or titles such as

"My-identity-belongs-to-someone else-this-is-as-original-as-i-can-get"

Hey readers, where are your rounds of applause?? come on! They deserve it for putting in so much effort to plagiarize and trying to pull if off as their own original ideas. Hey, I'm sure it should be a very hard thing to do because

PEOPLE NOTICE no matter how hard they try to disguise it.

especially mutual friends, like Joyce & Katherine

continuing the story

joyce to copycat: Huh? penelope? wasn't that what michelle wanted to name her daughter?
copycat: meow~

Katherine: aren't those the shoes that michelle got for her daughter Dorothy?
copycat: meow~ *starts licking private parts*

So obscene right? What the copycat did, literally and hypothetically. I know. you know. we all know.

Who else are you trying to bluff? or rather, who else could you bluff?

Not even yourself.

So don't be telling others you were actually trying to reach for the crumbs of your last meal thats stuck in between your legs when you were licking your privates

Copycat: Meowww~

(readers, take it easy on the cat k thats the best line it could say)

I'm not just kinda disgusted. I'm very disgusted.

i really dislike cats, what more those who copy.
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my dear lecturer

Oh look! such a comprehensive guide to writing a good critique paper.

by my dear lecturer.


Some guidelines for conducting an effective critique are:

  1. Identify the aims of the research,
  2. Identify the theory base of the article/research,
    1. Is it appropriate?
    2. Is it comprehensive?
    3. Is it logical?
    4. Have prior research articles been interpreted accurately? (This requires reading the original articles.)
    5. Were critical variables or concepts operationally defined?
    6. Are these definitions different from that used in the regular literature?

i. If so, does the researcher identify why the difference in definition?

  1. What is the methodology being used?
    1. Has the researcher clearly identified the reasons/arguments for using the chosen approach?
    2. Is it the most appropriate for the research in question?
    3. What might be the strengths and weaknesses of the chosen approach?
    4. Did the researcher provide valid reasons for sample selection?
  2. What was the chosen method of data collection?
    1. Was the data collection method the most appropriate?
    2. What are its strengths and weaknesses?
    3. How might it impact on results?
  3. How was the analysis conducted?
    1. Was it appropriate?
    2. Were there any alternatives?
    3. How might the method of analysis influence the results and conclusions?
    4. Were any mistakes identified?
    5. Were the statistical techniques appropriate?
  4. How well were the results presented?
    1. Were there any errors in tables?
    2. Were the tables clear and easily understood?
  5. How was the discussion undertaken?
    1. Were the conclusions relevant?
    2. Were they accurate?
    3. Did they make sense?
    4. Did they add to knowledge in the area?
    5. Did they raise further research questions?
    6. Were any mistakes or misinterpretations made?
    7. Were alternative conclusions discussed.
    8. Were there any oversights?
  6. How was the article written?
    1. Was it clear and understandable?
    2. Did it use jargon?
    3. Was it written for an ‘informed’ readership?
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fucking copycats

You're such an unoriginal COPYCAT.

and i'm laughing at you.

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steering wheel needs power steering

Honestly feel so depressed and lost.

Why am i doing what i'm doing? Theres no other choices for me, all i have to do is persevere till the end of the year.

tired of being stuck in something without a future. A future i want.

Is my driving really that bad that I can't even steer my life in the direction i want it to go?

breaking down.
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dua puluh dua inches

Okayyyyy everything just looks so DAMN cool from a 22" screen.

very very cool.


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Die or no Die?

oh my gosh.

I can't believe i spent like at least 7 hours STRAIGHT sitting in front of the comp doing something that is not at all related to my academic achievement but very much related to my interest.

die or no die?

someone give me smack in the face while someone else try splashing a bucket of ice cold water in my face my please? I'm losing itttttttttttttt.

*insert dramatic expression*

help me...

I'm drowning...



definitely not swimming....


in my own laziness


*bear with my cantoneseness*

give you one day also not enough
give you one week also not enough
give you one semester also not enough
give you one year also not enough
give you one whole life time also dunno you enough or not lor


How could you not take this seriously? You have less than a week's time.


find out in a week's time.

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insignificant fools

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I'm feeling sick. I'm feeling sick of.

its sick and sick of.

sick because i feel very cold outta no reason and there happens to be some unresolved issues with my tummy and my gastric friend.

sick of hypocritical people. and i don't know why hehe. its like one day they say I'm never gonna use the iphone....and few months later u see them using it. Its nothing big and not like its any of my business but just cannot stand them.

another example of hypocrites that I'm sick of are those like Mr Dan stupid Humphrey. I hate his character towards the end of the season. and i know I'm very late on saying this considering the season prolly ended ages ago.

there are also times that im sick of such as the times where i try to fix my bags and whenever i thought I've succeeded...I was actually just fooling myself. so why bother fixing those bags anymore since they are just lousy is quality i ask myself. hmm. right, won't bother anymore.

mmm cold..

vewy vewy cold......

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end of year 3 sem 2

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Urbanscapes drama

the last week was so much of fun despite having to suffer for exams and layaning people not worth my time.

gosh i have so much to blog about since two weeks ago but i've been procrastinating (whats new?) too much interesting things/incidents have just been happening following one another and i cant be bloggin about every single thing....sorry kontradikcion


Attended Urbanscapes 2008 with my babes shan, vat and sooo wen, who is now in Aussie :( and i remember saying i was gonna talk about the shitty things that happened the day before we got to urbanscapes. but now im kinda lazy to go in detail about the incident(which is what i think i'd normally do given the time) since it happened so many weeks back.

to sum it all up four of us kinda indirectly caused an accident between a motorbike and a perdana and then we got harassed (verbally) by those people in the perdana.

We sat in the car and lowered the driver's window as the three malay dudes in their 40s to 50s approached us.

two of them were yelling at us without even explaining the incident. We were totally blank couse none of us witnessed the whole incident!

soon after some bickering and me trying to ask him to tell us properly what he thought we did and how things happened....

One of the dudes claiming to be some datuk tried forced our car driver's door open from outside, but couldn't cos the doors were locked. He claimed we were being rude for not getting down the car to talk to him as he and two other malay dudes in their 40 to 50s approached us.

He subsequently tried grabbing our car keys from outside the car by sticking his hand in through the driver's side window but couldn't because our driver grabbed the keys before he got hold of it.

Oh there was a woman as well, must be one of the dude's wife...she just came over and started yelling the second she saw us.

Thank god some other people around came by, helped us girls calm the situation and got those IDIOTS off in their bloody perdana. So the perdana idiots left and we got the injured motorcyclist to a nearby clinic with the help of those super helpful people.

More nice people came and brought the poor motorcyclist to make an official police report of the accident and after consulting the police, we didn't have anything to do with the accident because it was only between the bike and that perdana owned by idiots.

summary turned out to not that brief after all...blah enough of bad stuff

so after all that drama and bullshit from some people claiming to be datuks but act like freaking barbarians............. we headed off to Urbanscapes...a lil late.

here are only a portion of the pics i took that day, too lazy to upload all in a shot...

pics are not at all in order..hehe

im finally on holidays. being on holidays is awesome but having to worry about thesis is not -_-

Friday was awesome got to hang out with my college babes and shopped around 1u...a place i've gotten not very familiar with...every other "new shop" in 1u is apparently not that new anymore..

me: heyyy new shop!!!!
vernmay : its been here long time alreadyy...

(incident repeated few times in one day)
eeeks i'm so outdated.

met up with more college people for dinner and it was awesome...too bad the gang was not complete that night cos someone had some church meeting and also a few more are all the way in Uk & aussie ...

i will miss those people when my uni life ends...i wonder if we'll ever have the chance to sit down for meals like that friday when we part after Uni...

Window shopped around after dinner with the whole kampung and it was fun also to see how our bunch would somehow eventually end up standing in the a circle at some random spot in 1u.

will transfer the pics that night and upload em sooooon...a lil lazy lately cos am distracted with alot of stuff...hehehe

anyway i just got to know Serena van der woodsen & Blair Waldroft. both of em are so equally hot i cannot decide which character i like better lol. yeah that kinda explains for the lack of updates these days lalalala

I'll be back!
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I love myself

heee hee hee heee heeeeeeee *giggles*

*rolls about continues giggling*

pardon me...

I'm just so in love with myself at this moment.

Loving this feeling of being in control and getting things done.

I also admire my persistence.

and ma skills hohohohoho

michelle : good job michelle
michelle : thank you
michelle : keep it up aight?
michelle : okieeeee

*pats self on the head*


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she is 21 - ming zi

Today is a very important day.

The today of 21 years ago was a very important day.

The today of that 21 years later is still a very important day.


its the day where queen/assistant/M1 zi was brought into the world...

all together now!


happy birthday to you
selamat hari jadi
happy birthday to ziiiii ziiiiiiiiiii
selamat hari ming zi terjadi!

although you're miles and miles away from me...and the rest of us....

here's wishing you a great start to the rest of your life as an




With loads of hugs and squeezes,
My shell

missing u lots! can you feel the love all the way from home?!
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bon voyage robbiestar


my dear kawan would be embarking on her journey to the west with a monk, a pig and a something else (that makes her the monkey king ha) to obtain some of those Buddhist religious stuff from some mountain that looks like a palm.

in her journey, she would have to battle amongst manly manly demons like the White-boned head demon............spider demon.......*cracks head*.............and such....

somehow i feel like i'm telling the wrong story...

*checks compass* (as if a compass would help)

oh yeah Aussie's down southhhhhhh....

scrape that! scrape that! start again... dear kawan would be embarking on her journey down south with packets of A1 Chicken soup mix and Maggi Rendang Mix.

In her journey...i'm sure she would have to face with manlymanly challenges but I'm sure the experience would be very pleasant and meaningful to her.

so........take care....

have fun...

study smart...

don't act so silly like this person in the pic

or like this person in Kedah
Who poses with that Eagle stance next to minyak HELANG?!? aiyooooooooo......
(hahhaa i'm so gonna get slapped for saying this.....because i was the one who started posing like that....)

wear the shirt proudly (when u sleep) and proclaim that you still jantung (or in the words of the medical student "CARDIAC") KL even when you're at some foreign land k?

hee hee heee my FIRST ever stealmodifysomefamousdesign&selfprinted T-shirt.

i will misss u!!!!
and i promise i'll eat on your behalf when the rest of us have our next BBQ :P

ps. prolly gonna edit this post with more pics soon...prolly......

*waves to robbie*

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Kujo's gig @ KL JamAsia


Looks who's performing again...

*hints* Kehhhh---Khhhhh-uuuuuu-J'ohhh

12 JULY 2008 (Saturday is a good day)
8 pm 15 bucks only ( murah giler)

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feels depressed.

and as though she cant ever get things done.
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transfering lousy pictures to the comp at 8 am

bah this is one of those times where i would suddenly feel damn depressed.

i thought i took so many nice pictures but when i transfered them to the comp, they freaking suckkkkkkkk

i suck
my camera sucks

i don't love u no more, camera.
i don't want to take photos anymore...

until i get a new camera

boo hoo hoo *whines*
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