I've jumped on the bandwagon. Which one?

Not alone though, I'm a collectivist :) ....which one?

Its with 3 of my closest Uni buddies still haven't told us which bandwagon!?!


Yes, this type.

The online boutique type. :D

We're barely a week old and the support from phasionistas out there, i gotta overwhelming! We've got lovely fashion blog reviewers featuring our goodies + increasing our traffic (so thankful for them) and wonderful clients who are so eager to bank in their moolah to us. so cute

Do check it out as we're planning to bring in ALOT more Phasionable Goodies.

You must be thinking whats wrong with my spelling right?

Phasionology = fashion +ology spelled with a PH

why PH? cos its just more interesting and we strive to be unique in our own way, starting with the name first yea?

There are hundreds more of online boutiques out there and the stuff they carry are awesome too! Check them out through these famous fashion blogs that reviewed our stuff Compulsively addicted, Diary of an e-shopaholic and My Basic Fashion Folder.

It will be an eye-opening experience to those who are not used to shopping online in Malaysia :)

ps. to you, my dear friend who also owns a boutique *winks* you know who you are! Lets work hard together! bring in more awesome stuff k! and don't be so stressed! *hugs* allow la commenting on your blog ish!

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