Just another one of those days where idiots decide to leave their houses to annoy others.

Dum dee dum.

I can say that I never fail to be amazed by anything and everything around me every moment of being alive in this world.

I'm amazed by the pretty little things i see in a garden.
I'm amazed by the prettydamnawesome thoughts of others through their blogs.
I'm amazed by how certain people just seem to have everything in life.

I'm truly amazed, and thats the good kinda amazed.

On the contrary, there are ugly things that never fail to amaze me as well.

For example, a so called friend stealing your ideas. I'm thinking whether or not these people would be interested in stealing my names for my future babies. Just imagine the situation.

Hypothetical situation

Joyce & Katherine: michelle! what are you gonna name your child?!
michelle : hmmmmm *rubs pregnant tummy* haha i think imma name my baby girl penelope :)

copycat: *secretly in heart* SHITTtt penelope is such a beautiful name! I better name my child that before her child is born!

a few months later

copycat: look at my baby! *cuddles infant*
michelle: oh! cute girl, whats her name?
copycat: haha i was thinking do you think we should dine here or there instead?
michelle: huh? whats her name?
copycat: hmmm...okay i've decided lets go there
michelle: caught a glimpse of copycats phone wallpaper displaying her child names that spells penelope.
michelle : what the heck? *continues rubbing pregnant tummy* such an idiot.

damn wth right?

imagine yeah few years down the line michelle brushes away all the grudges against copycat because she found a prettier name for her child - Dorothy.

michelle: dresses dorothy with pigtails and buys her a really unique pair of shoes
copycat: *secretly in heart* omG those shoes are so cute im so getting them for my penelope!

and then

copycat goes around flaunting her penelope's new shoes.

copycat: Just look at them!!!!!!!! I'm like such a genius right?


Like what I've said before I would give credit to those who are copycats of my ideas mainly because they know who to follow. so arrogant haha.

how bout a round of applause for them shall we?
standing ovation?
cos you put on quite a show
really had me going
now its time to go
curtains finally closing
that was quite a show
very entertaining

.....................................................hey everything is just starting to sound so familiar

Rightttt they're lyrics from Rihanna's take a bow.

wow i never knew the song could be used to communicate to people in this context! i thought its for cheaters only but it kinda reflects what i'm thinking! so cool!

Yeah so back to the losers, wait i mean copycats.

They are not losers, in fact they are winners.

Winners of awards such as "most original individual in the world"

or titles such as

"My-identity-belongs-to-someone else-this-is-as-original-as-i-can-get"

Hey readers, where are your rounds of applause?? come on! They deserve it for putting in so much effort to plagiarize and trying to pull if off as their own original ideas. Hey, I'm sure it should be a very hard thing to do because

PEOPLE NOTICE no matter how hard they try to disguise it.

especially mutual friends, like Joyce & Katherine

continuing the story

joyce to copycat: Huh? penelope? wasn't that what michelle wanted to name her daughter?
copycat: meow~

Katherine: aren't those the shoes that michelle got for her daughter Dorothy?
copycat: meow~ *starts licking private parts*

So obscene right? What the copycat did, literally and hypothetically. I know. you know. we all know.

Who else are you trying to bluff? or rather, who else could you bluff?

Not even yourself.

So don't be telling others you were actually trying to reach for the crumbs of your last meal thats stuck in between your legs when you were licking your privates

Copycat: Meowww~

(readers, take it easy on the cat k thats the best line it could say)

I'm not just kinda disgusted. I'm very disgusted.

i really dislike cats, what more those who copy.

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