Urbanscapes drama

the last week was so much of fun despite having to suffer for exams and layaning people not worth my time.

gosh i have so much to blog about since two weeks ago but i've been procrastinating (whats new?) too much interesting things/incidents have just been happening following one another and i cant be bloggin about every single thing....sorry kontradikcion


Attended Urbanscapes 2008 with my babes shan, vat and sooo wen, who is now in Aussie :( and i remember saying i was gonna talk about the shitty things that happened the day before we got to urbanscapes. but now im kinda lazy to go in detail about the incident(which is what i think i'd normally do given the time) since it happened so many weeks back.

to sum it all up four of us kinda indirectly caused an accident between a motorbike and a perdana and then we got harassed (verbally) by those people in the perdana.

We sat in the car and lowered the driver's window as the three malay dudes in their 40s to 50s approached us.

two of them were yelling at us without even explaining the incident. We were totally blank couse none of us witnessed the whole incident!

soon after some bickering and me trying to ask him to tell us properly what he thought we did and how things happened....

One of the dudes claiming to be some datuk tried forced our car driver's door open from outside, but couldn't cos the doors were locked. He claimed we were being rude for not getting down the car to talk to him as he and two other malay dudes in their 40 to 50s approached us.

He subsequently tried grabbing our car keys from outside the car by sticking his hand in through the driver's side window but couldn't because our driver grabbed the keys before he got hold of it.

Oh there was a woman as well, must be one of the dude's wife...she just came over and started yelling the second she saw us.

Thank god some other people around came by, helped us girls calm the situation and got those IDIOTS off in their bloody perdana. So the perdana idiots left and we got the injured motorcyclist to a nearby clinic with the help of those super helpful people.

More nice people came and brought the poor motorcyclist to make an official police report of the accident and after consulting the police, we didn't have anything to do with the accident because it was only between the bike and that perdana owned by idiots.

summary turned out to not that brief after all...blah enough of bad stuff

so after all that drama and bullshit from some people claiming to be datuks but act like freaking barbarians............. we headed off to Urbanscapes...a lil late.

here are only a portion of the pics i took that day, too lazy to upload all in a shot...

pics are not at all in order..hehe

im finally on holidays. being on holidays is awesome but having to worry about thesis is not -_-

Friday was awesome got to hang out with my college babes and shopped around 1u...a place i've gotten not very familiar with...every other "new shop" in 1u is apparently not that new anymore..

me: heyyy new shop!!!!
vernmay : its been here long time alreadyy...

(incident repeated few times in one day)
eeeks i'm so outdated.

met up with more college people for dinner and it was awesome...too bad the gang was not complete that night cos someone had some church meeting and also a few more are all the way in Uk & aussie ...

i will miss those people when my uni life ends...i wonder if we'll ever have the chance to sit down for meals like that friday when we part after Uni...

Window shopped around after dinner with the whole kampung and it was fun also to see how our bunch would somehow eventually end up standing in the a circle at some random spot in 1u.

will transfer the pics that night and upload em sooooon...a lil lazy lately cos am distracted with alot of stuff...hehehe

anyway i just got to know Serena van der woodsen & Blair Waldroft. both of em are so equally hot i cannot decide which character i like better lol. yeah that kinda explains for the lack of updates these days lalalala

I'll be back!

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