I'm feeling sick. I'm feeling sick of.

its sick and sick of.

sick because i feel very cold outta no reason and there happens to be some unresolved issues with my tummy and my gastric friend.

sick of hypocritical people. and i don't know why hehe. its like one day they say I'm never gonna use the iphone....and few months later u see them using it. Its nothing big and not like its any of my business but just cannot stand them.

another example of hypocrites that I'm sick of are those like Mr Dan stupid Humphrey. I hate his character towards the end of the season. and i know I'm very late on saying this considering the season prolly ended ages ago.

there are also times that im sick of such as the times where i try to fix my bags and whenever i thought I've succeeded...I was actually just fooling myself. so why bother fixing those bags anymore since they are just lousy is quality i ask myself. hmm. right, won't bother anymore.

mmm cold..

vewy vewy cold......


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