just some short updates.

Today (27th June 07) was so so.
Yesterday (26th June 07) was the domb!

eehehehe..:P i said it was gonna be short!

I've gotta really start studying before i regret having to cramp my stuff last minute again. I hate mcQ! never score it in!

Got damn alot of pictures to edit and put up but that will be done when I'm allowed to by Mr. Superego.


What else have i missed...Hmmm

I love u shoo much boogene baybeee! Thanks for always being with me and being my source of support

unedited (except for lighting) picture of my chub-beh face in case u forgot how i look like.
Been awhile since i last posted camwhoring pictures of myself on kontradikcion. hehe.

Be righttttt back ok? (after exams that is :P )

p.s. i wonder when will my pisang susu be ripe enough *squints*

oh oh!

p.p.s Did u all notice that...divider shorta thingy between my entries? *claps and in Borat's tone* I LUIKE!

Take Care everyone! Be nice to people and remember to wear something pink tomorrow because i just randomly asked u to do so lalalala~
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You wanna be rich and famous?

Got something about u that u can't wait to show off to the rest of the world? (we start with Malaysia first k!)

Wanna be so rich, so famous people will die to be known as your friend? (haha)

Here is everyone's chance!! (including myself)

Join Star Celeb yo!

StarCeleb is a new and exciting reality show hosted by sexy

Daniel Tan your star quality is shining so bright it's blinding Daniel hahha

and May Wan.

it's gonna pave your way to stardom if you've got what it takes ;)

They're on a quest to search for 2 (not 1, but 2!) talented individuals who are ready to be celebs anytime of course with the talent of becoming either a

Brand Ambassador

Winners of Star Celeb would receive RM 25,000, a 1 year modeling/hosting contract EACH and other Fab prizes.


Malaysian Male or Female
18-30 Years of Age
Fluent in English/ Mandarin (Reading and speaking)
Have that charm, the X-factor, personality and style ;)

a great way to start your career if you're interested in this line don't ya think?

More Details...

All auditions will be held from 10am to 5pm at

ParkRoyal Hotel
Level 2, Catleya Rooms,
Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur

on the

23rd & 24th June 2007 (tmr and the day after!)
30th & 1th of July 2007

All contestants will undergo and audition process and the selected 60 to participate in the contest will be featured on the Reality Show, which will be aired at NTV7. More details coming up soon.

How to participate?

1 : Have a whole lot of confidence and interest in the contest.

2: Visit StarCeleb's official site for more details.
3: Read the details carefully.

4: Fill up the form.
5: Turn up for the audition with your new I/C and one recent color photo. Important!


Oh and if you all are interested, do drop by

The Piazza, The Curve on the 21st - 22nd July 2007 (11 am onwards)


Lower Ground Floor Oval,
1 Utama on the 28th - 29th July 2007 (11 am onwards)

to be part of the live recording of StarCeleb!

i wish you all the best! =)
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Paris Hilton

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Nyonya zhongs. Random pics.

Loving those dumplings made by granny.

They are vegetarian nyonya "zhongs". yeah i know that doesn't sound too appetizing but they are really good. Too bad she didn't make much this year only had 4 lil ones...and i have to save the rest for giving out to others.

nyonya zhongs taste a lil sweeter compared to the normal "ham yuk zhong", which is made out of glutinous rice, black mushrooms, porkie, beans, salted egg, dried shrimp, chestnuts, ice cream and cornflakes.

I don't really know the ingredients to the nyonya zhongs but i know granny have some sugarcane bits in it. I like the nyonya vegetarian zhongs she make because there isn't any "vegetarian" smell when i eat know that kinda smell when u enter a vegetarian restaurant? annoying.

nyonya zhongs

I'm also craving for "siu loong paus" (so oriental today).

been quite some time since i had siu loong paus. I like watching those fellas wrapping em at dragon i with the brother. There was once we stared at them making their lil paus and they got so shy they started giggling and blushing. Some were even trying to hard to control their laughter. The whole kitchen was a lil chaotic after that lol!

i wanna cook something but i don't know what! *scratches head*

random pictures.

Canned rambutans. i love! very necessary in this kinda weather.

chicken wings i massaged *winks* and marinated for last sem's BBQ. BBQ-ing plans have been put on hold because the chickens are sick.

eggie tarts from EEST @ Westin. Very good.

I love ice.

and flowers.

my curtains.


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Cupcake pics

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don't now how to say no

sigh...feel a lil bad for turning down those requests.
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phones and the Teh family

something is up with my family and our phones.

Few months ago, remember i lost this?
O2 xda ii mini

i was devastated! ok not so exaggerating but i was sad.

so, now I'm using this.

O2 xda ii mini

in case if u haven't noticed, its the same phone viewed from a different angle. Used to be my father's, haven't gotten any new phone. hmmmmm

A few weeks later,

Dad lost this.

sony ericsson k800i

Met with a snatch-theift. =( On the same day where his phone got stolen, i remember returning home feeling sad for Dad because he hardly used that phone....but then, i saw him playing with THIS...

Nokia N95.

(I KNOW that reaction, i had the exact same one!)

I couldn't believe i actually felt sad for him hahaha he was so happy playing with his new phone!

Today, mum lost this.

sony ericsson z800

Picked-pocket (or rather handbag) @ Isetan KLCC. =(((

but then in no more than 5 hours later....she got this.

sony ericsson K810i, an upgraded version of the k800i

so unfair!!!

but I'm not about to whine about it because i got to shop today! Finally...

Isetan KLCC was crazy. If i were to start bout my bag story i don't think i'll be sleeping early (maybe save that for next round. Time is 1232 am, me needs to sleep.

By the way, my brother is now starting to snatch the pictures from my camera for HIS BLOG.

Earlier i was taking some pics and went " hmmm i'll blog bout this maybe.." then he went "NO! these pictures belong to me!" *sweat*

maybe i can con him into sharing half for the D40x and then con him again to keep the camera to myself mwahahahha...i'm evil.

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i think most girls fall for pretty looking things. i myself am a victim of these pretty lil things.

i'm talking about cupcakes.

no these are not from cuppacakes but from some charity bazaar @ Uni.

the pictures are in black and white cos they look too cute in color! *giggles*

actually its cos i have yet to edit all the pics put up some B&Ws first :)

btw...dunno why some people havin problems coming to my blog?!? :((((( sorryyyy

oh..pirates of the carribean was awesome! Johnny Depp was awesome, Keira Knightley was awesome, Orlando Bloom was not that awesome.

i love my hair color.

i want my D40x.

i wanna change my blogskin but I'm running outta ideas on designing the skin...brain ain't got no juice boooo

so random...hehe
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feeling bored.



i think the LG shine looks super hawt!

Cos when i look at it and i can see my own face! gaa gaa gaa :P

However, i dare not go look at it's features because i know it will sure be a turn off! Don't really trust LG phones....

the screen is surely gonna glare like a mad cow when someone uses the phone at somewhere bright... hahaha

maybe I'll go get a dummy.

So i can play with it and act as though I'm having some important business convo over the ultra sexy phone (like what i always do to belle's phone)

can use it as a mirror also! gaa gaa gaa

*pats head*

[edit: iphone! wait...IPHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its so hot...i want...:(]

it's so hot i feel like crying watching that review...

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i cant sleep

i was actually supposed to be in bed sleeping soundly right now...but i can't

i guess whenever i pass 11pm (which is the time where i will either be most awake if not sleepin alerady) i won't get to fall asleep until a few more hours later, say bout 4 am to 5am?

sleeping time is so screwed up.

was actually half asleep while chatting about 10 pm...slept off for about an hour in the hall and got up at 11 feeling damn sleepy. Washed up and got into bed but i wanted to see baybee's latest assignment that he has been working very hard on so grabbed the lappie and bounced back into bed. Came back online to wait for the file to transfer...the transfer rate was slow and about after 40 minutes of waiting SURE ENOUGH i got DfreakingC-ed! Was really frustrated that time so i watched abit of desperate housewives...

Kindda sad of how the plot is developing.

I'm so happy for Susan.
I'm worried for Lynette.
I kesian Gabbie so much.
I wish Bree's daughter would just realise how great a mum Bree is.
and...I can't believe Edie did what she did. I've only started to liking her character.

haha damn emo lately after every episode. *squints*

Something happened today, something i regret not taking any action about. Felt abit stupid but i'm still trying to comfort myself about the situation. BAhhh!!

Tried gettin back to sleep after skipping thru that episode of desperate housewives. But i couldn't! so came back online again and i'm here blogging now...until i fall asleep blogging again.

Gonna fall asleep in class again later :( sighh

wanted to upload some pics but the desktop is empty.

nites :)
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Our theme song

Congratulations psychos for successfully completing that "introduction" paper. Not that its much of a big deal but let's take a chill pill for awhile can?

*superego screams: chill your head!*

hahaha lets celebrate the weekend singing OUR theme song *winks* (actually, only a few individuals from bpsych share this theme song hehehe!)

not enough??

whoever edited this vid did a lousy job at the ending!

I think i've mentioned before how impatient i am when it comes to listening to songs that i hit the FFx2 button. Hahaha it's really kindda fun listening to songs with X2 speed. Especially so when u get bored of listening to the same songs.

hee hee

[edit: somehow, that dog in the vid just reminds me of h** f* lol!]

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i'm full of surprises

Today, I had a lil bit of everything-ness

a lil bit of fun
a lil bit of sadness
a lil bit of hyperness
a lil bit of happiness
a lil bit of madness
a lil bit of lameness
a lil bit of shock
a lil bit of disappointment
a lil bit of lethargic-ness
a lil bit of grumpiness
a lil bit of bitchiness
a lil bit of emoing
a lil bit of sleepiness
a lil bit of dizziness
a lil bit of itchiness
a lil bit of embarrassment
a lil bit of hungriness
a lil bit of confused
a lil bit of suspecting
a lil bit of curious
a lil bit of arrogance
a lil bit of ignorance
a lil bit of laziness
a lil bit of stomach upsetness

(2 hours later..this is for real)


i slept off while typing that. This is something new. (I can't believe myself)

. (????????)

time now is 10:48 p.m and i haven't started on my assignment!!!

i am just full of surprises.

under my "people who Viewed me" on Friendster is this odd Friendster Profile with No pictures, No friends, No connection what-so-ever to my profile. Obviously, his/her profile looks new. Maybe someone created it Just to view other people's profile without having to risk letting that whoever know he/she has been visiting their page? He/She prolly also wanna know who has been visiting his/her page so he/she doesn't wanna view profiles anonymously.

Don't think its a good idea to reveal the profile name...but it was something really random u know names like "anonymous..." that kinda stuff.

Weird people out there huh? or maybe i'm just suspecting too much.

if u happen to be that person, reveal your true identity...don't you think it's abit weird to hide behind an anonymous profile, if u really are?

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my baby skin pierced.

***if you are running outta time, please scroll to the end of the entry.....if not, please proceed***

Last week in church, i was lining up to purchase some CD recordings of the service. The line was practically not visible because there were just too many people cramped at the front of that counter. There was a little African girl in front of me, with braids that look something like the little girl's in the picture. She was about that size also, looked about 5 to 6 years old. She was there with her mummy, who was also trying to order a copy of the CD i was getting.

original image taken from here

Anyways, I was stretching out my right arm to reach the lady at the counter to pass her my order and all of a sudden....

I felt a sharp pinch on me right arm. It was a little bit more pain than an ant bite, though i don't really know how pain is an ant's bite but THEY/people always use that term so I'm just gonna go with the flow. Ms Chia would be so disappointed in me because of my horrible critical thinking skills.

Anyways, i checked my arm and i saw a lil black dot. Sounds damn cute huh "lil black dot" it was so pain!

i suspect that the lil girl's hair might have pierced me baby soft skin on me right arm when my arm accidentally brushed her hair.

Confirmed this when i got the hair out with a tweezer later, it was about 2 freaking mms long and it was real thick.

more like u came to piss me off

it must be a hair or else i would be feeling some odd sensations or accidentally shooting some webs. (forgive me i don't know what are the terms)

*tries shooting web with right hand*

no web, confirm not a spidey bite.

Back to my topic.

Quite safe/dangerous right?

safe for the lil girl cos no one would be able to kidnap her unless if they can go through all the pain from the piercing hair. No one would even dare touch her her, good defense mechanism (literally). I guess the Africans have thicker hair texture thats why her hair managed to end up under my skin.

I would have been more careful not to ter-contact her hair if she had hair like that

image taken from here

or if she looks something like that

image taken from here

but she looked so innocent and adorable with her braids you know!

dangerous for people with baby soft skin like me when coming in contact (accidentally) with her hair. *inserts MTV ad that goes ~ Ehm Tee Vee, iz very very danjerassss~*

I could still see the hole there in me arm. I remember telling Boogene the other day about how i got my hair pierced into me finger once and he was like " is that possible???"

now i got "evidence" to "persuade" him to "comply" to my idea and change his "schema" of hair.

enough of psycho terms michelle!

Wow.....I'm so long winded. I guess i should make my messages clear and concise next time around before i start pissing anyone reading kontradikcion.

maybe i should have done this is 5 sentences. LoL!

***stop right here***

That day at church, alot of people wanted buy CD, i also wanted.

So many people push push my arm ter-touch this little african girl's braids.

Then her hair poked my arm you know, poked through my skin, so pain!

Very painful i wanted to cry.

The hair was about 2mm long lor, not funny.

***the end***

btw, not being racist or whatever ok? I tried my best not to sound like one in this post because thats just not my intention of blogging bout this. Sorry if anyone reading this feels offended. Seriously.

Granny came in the room claiming she can't sleep so she wants to recopy her contacts in her phone book. I should do the same too i guess, instead of relying on the contacts stored in my phone, which by the way is all GONE! grrrr.

I have exactly 50 contacts ONLY in my phonebook now. SAD

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crazy bio clock

its 5 o'clock in the morning.

the alarm in my room is gonna go off in half an hour's time.

Ahh! What a good day it is.

Imma crawl in bed to snooze now.

Yes, 5 am, now.

Good Night.
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I've got great excuses!

I know i really shouldn't be procrastinating, but i can't help it. It's something innate and no environmental influences have been able to influence me into changing that habit. eeks.

i have 1001 excuses and all of them make sense. hah!image taken and edited from here

See, even Calvin agrees with me on one of the excuses! *grins*

i agree with him too :)

(mr. superego is trying to strangle me cos I'm still online *gasp for air*..HELppPpp)
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Procrastination, i mastered

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