my baby skin pierced.

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Last week in church, i was lining up to purchase some CD recordings of the service. The line was practically not visible because there were just too many people cramped at the front of that counter. There was a little African girl in front of me, with braids that look something like the little girl's in the picture. She was about that size also, looked about 5 to 6 years old. She was there with her mummy, who was also trying to order a copy of the CD i was getting.

original image taken from here

Anyways, I was stretching out my right arm to reach the lady at the counter to pass her my order and all of a sudden....

I felt a sharp pinch on me right arm. It was a little bit more pain than an ant bite, though i don't really know how pain is an ant's bite but THEY/people always use that term so I'm just gonna go with the flow. Ms Chia would be so disappointed in me because of my horrible critical thinking skills.

Anyways, i checked my arm and i saw a lil black dot. Sounds damn cute huh "lil black dot" it was so pain!

i suspect that the lil girl's hair might have pierced me baby soft skin on me right arm when my arm accidentally brushed her hair.

Confirmed this when i got the hair out with a tweezer later, it was about 2 freaking mms long and it was real thick.

more like u came to piss me off

it must be a hair or else i would be feeling some odd sensations or accidentally shooting some webs. (forgive me i don't know what are the terms)

*tries shooting web with right hand*

no web, confirm not a spidey bite.

Back to my topic.

Quite safe/dangerous right?

safe for the lil girl cos no one would be able to kidnap her unless if they can go through all the pain from the piercing hair. No one would even dare touch her her, good defense mechanism (literally). I guess the Africans have thicker hair texture thats why her hair managed to end up under my skin.

I would have been more careful not to ter-contact her hair if she had hair like that

image taken from here

or if she looks something like that

image taken from here

but she looked so innocent and adorable with her braids you know!

dangerous for people with baby soft skin like me when coming in contact (accidentally) with her hair. *inserts MTV ad that goes ~ Ehm Tee Vee, iz very very danjerassss~*

I could still see the hole there in me arm. I remember telling Boogene the other day about how i got my hair pierced into me finger once and he was like " is that possible???"

now i got "evidence" to "persuade" him to "comply" to my idea and change his "schema" of hair.

enough of psycho terms michelle!

Wow.....I'm so long winded. I guess i should make my messages clear and concise next time around before i start pissing anyone reading kontradikcion.

maybe i should have done this is 5 sentences. LoL!

***stop right here***

That day at church, alot of people wanted buy CD, i also wanted.

So many people push push my arm ter-touch this little african girl's braids.

Then her hair poked my arm you know, poked through my skin, so pain!

Very painful i wanted to cry.

The hair was about 2mm long lor, not funny.

***the end***

btw, not being racist or whatever ok? I tried my best not to sound like one in this post because thats just not my intention of blogging bout this. Sorry if anyone reading this feels offended. Seriously.

Granny came in the room claiming she can't sleep so she wants to recopy her contacts in her phone book. I should do the same too i guess, instead of relying on the contacts stored in my phone, which by the way is all GONE! grrrr.

I have exactly 50 contacts ONLY in my phonebook now. SAD

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