just some short updates.

Today (27th June 07) was so so.
Yesterday (26th June 07) was the domb!

eehehehe..:P i said it was gonna be short!

I've gotta really start studying before i regret having to cramp my stuff last minute again. I hate mcQ! never score it in!

Got damn alot of pictures to edit and put up but that will be done when I'm allowed to by Mr. Superego.


What else have i missed...Hmmm

I love u shoo much boogene baybeee! Thanks for always being with me and being my source of support

unedited (except for lighting) picture of my chub-beh face in case u forgot how i look like.
Been awhile since i last posted camwhoring pictures of myself on kontradikcion. hehe.

Be righttttt back ok? (after exams that is :P )

p.s. i wonder when will my pisang susu be ripe enough *squints*

oh oh!

p.p.s Did u all notice that...divider shorta thingy between my entries? *claps and in Borat's tone* I LUIKE!

Take Care everyone! Be nice to people and remember to wear something pink tomorrow because i just randomly asked u to do so lalalala~

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