Nyonya zhongs. Random pics.

Loving those dumplings made by granny.

They are vegetarian nyonya "zhongs". yeah i know that doesn't sound too appetizing but they are really good. Too bad she didn't make much this year only had 4 lil ones...and i have to save the rest for giving out to others.

nyonya zhongs taste a lil sweeter compared to the normal "ham yuk zhong", which is made out of glutinous rice, black mushrooms, porkie, beans, salted egg, dried shrimp, chestnuts, ice cream and cornflakes.

I don't really know the ingredients to the nyonya zhongs but i know granny have some sugarcane bits in it. I like the nyonya vegetarian zhongs she make because there isn't any "vegetarian" smell when i eat it...you know that kinda smell when u enter a vegetarian restaurant? annoying.

nyonya zhongs

I'm also craving for "siu loong paus" (so oriental today).

been quite some time since i had siu loong paus. I like watching those fellas wrapping em at dragon i with the brother. There was once we stared at them making their lil paus and they got so shy they started giggling and blushing. Some were even trying to hard to control their laughter. The whole kitchen was a lil chaotic after that lol!

i wanna cook something but i don't know what! *scratches head*

random pictures.

Canned rambutans. i love! very necessary in this kinda weather.

chicken wings i massaged *winks* and marinated for last sem's BBQ. BBQ-ing plans have been put on hold because the chickens are sick.

eggie tarts from EEST @ Westin. Very good.

I love ice.

and flowers.

my curtains.


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