phones and the Teh family

something is up with my family and our phones.

Few months ago, remember i lost this?
O2 xda ii mini

i was devastated! ok not so exaggerating but i was sad.

so, now I'm using this.

O2 xda ii mini

in case if u haven't noticed, its the same phone viewed from a different angle. Used to be my father's, haven't gotten any new phone. hmmmmm

A few weeks later,

Dad lost this.

sony ericsson k800i

Met with a snatch-theift. =( On the same day where his phone got stolen, i remember returning home feeling sad for Dad because he hardly used that phone....but then, i saw him playing with THIS...

Nokia N95.

(I KNOW that reaction, i had the exact same one!)

I couldn't believe i actually felt sad for him hahaha he was so happy playing with his new phone!

Today, mum lost this.

sony ericsson z800

Picked-pocket (or rather handbag) @ Isetan KLCC. =(((

but then in no more than 5 hours later....she got this.

sony ericsson K810i, an upgraded version of the k800i

so unfair!!!

but I'm not about to whine about it because i got to shop today! Finally...

Isetan KLCC was crazy. If i were to start bout my bag story i don't think i'll be sleeping early (maybe save that for next round. Time is 1232 am, me needs to sleep.

By the way, my brother is now starting to snatch the pictures from my camera for HIS BLOG.

Earlier i was taking some pics and went " hmmm i'll blog bout this maybe.." then he went "NO! these pictures belong to me!" *sweat*

maybe i can con him into sharing half for the D40x and then con him again to keep the camera to myself mwahahahha...i'm evil.


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