i cant sleep

i was actually supposed to be in bed sleeping soundly right now...but i can't

i guess whenever i pass 11pm (which is the time where i will either be most awake if not sleepin alerady) i won't get to fall asleep until a few more hours later, say bout 4 am to 5am?

sleeping time is so screwed up.

was actually half asleep while chatting about 10 pm...slept off for about an hour in the hall and got up at 11 feeling damn sleepy. Washed up and got into bed but i wanted to see baybee's latest assignment that he has been working very hard on so grabbed the lappie and bounced back into bed. Came back online to wait for the file to transfer...the transfer rate was slow and about after 40 minutes of waiting SURE ENOUGH i got DfreakingC-ed! Was really frustrated that time so i watched abit of desperate housewives...

Kindda sad of how the plot is developing.

I'm so happy for Susan.
I'm worried for Lynette.
I kesian Gabbie so much.
I wish Bree's daughter would just realise how great a mum Bree is.
and...I can't believe Edie did what she did. I've only started to liking her character.

haha damn emo lately after every episode. *squints*

Something happened today, something i regret not taking any action about. Felt abit stupid but i'm still trying to comfort myself about the situation. BAhhh!!

Tried gettin back to sleep after skipping thru that episode of desperate housewives. But i couldn't! so came back online again and i'm here blogging now...until i fall asleep blogging again.

Gonna fall asleep in class again later :( sighh

wanted to upload some pics but the desktop is empty.

nites :)

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