feeling bored.



i think the LG shine looks super hawt!

Cos when i look at it and i can see my own face! gaa gaa gaa :P

However, i dare not go look at it's features because i know it will sure be a turn off! Don't really trust LG phones....

the screen is surely gonna glare like a mad cow when someone uses the phone at somewhere bright... hahaha

maybe I'll go get a dummy.

So i can play with it and act as though I'm having some important business convo over the ultra sexy phone (like what i always do to belle's phone)

can use it as a mirror also! gaa gaa gaa

*pats head*

[edit: iphone! wait...IPHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its so hot...i want...:(]

it's so hot i feel like crying watching that review...

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