i think most girls fall for pretty looking things. i myself am a victim of these pretty lil things.

i'm talking about cupcakes.

no these are not from cuppacakes but from some charity bazaar @ Uni.

the pictures are in black and white cos they look too cute in color! *giggles*

actually its cos i have yet to edit all the pics put up some B&Ws first :)

btw...dunno why some people havin problems coming to my blog?!? :((((( sorryyyy

oh..pirates of the carribean was awesome! Johnny Depp was awesome, Keira Knightley was awesome, Orlando Bloom was not that awesome.

i love my hair color.

i want my D40x.

i wanna change my blogskin but I'm running outta ideas on designing the skin...brain ain't got no juice boooo

so random...hehe

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