Our theme song

Congratulations psychos for successfully completing that "introduction" paper. Not that its much of a big deal but let's take a chill pill for awhile can?

*superego screams: chill your head!*

hahaha lets celebrate the weekend singing OUR theme song *winks* (actually, only a few individuals from bpsych share this theme song hehehe!)

not enough??

whoever edited this vid did a lousy job at the ending!

I think i've mentioned before how impatient i am when it comes to listening to songs that i hit the FFx2 button. Hahaha it's really kindda fun listening to songs with X2 speed. Especially so when u get bored of listening to the same songs.

hee hee

[edit: somehow, that dog in the vid just reminds me of h** f* lol!]

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