Time Out During Work

Everyone gets their equal 24 hours, but why am I working at this hour (0044 hours) ?!

I am so sleepy.

My eye bags are so horrible these days that no make up can conceal them.

Erinn used to brand her bags (those underneath her eyes) Prada or was it Gucci?

Imma brand mine Lancel because I'm not so atas and I kinda spotted something I like sometime back when I was doing some research on the company. I'm not very well versed in the bags area, unlike belle who actually remember their names.

What about your bags (eye bags), where are they from?

By the way, a friend just got back from an interview from a company bringing in some of these big brands. I really hope she gets the job as she sounded really excited over the phone. I'm excited for her too because that would mean STAFF PURCHASE and being her friend for over *starts counting* 8 years? I might be able to share some of the benefits, right? Heh, a perfect example of BIRGing.

For psycho illiterate individuals, BIRGing means Basking in Reflected Glory, illustrated in the above situation where I'm trying to associate my friend's success to myself. Those football crazy people are also perfect examples of this social identity theory. In contrast to BIRGing, CORFing is where you try to disassociate with the failures of others, the acronym stands for Cutting Of Reflected Failure.

Enough about brands and psycho talking. Looking at my bank account (Contrary to popular belief, I do check my bank account!), I would not be able to afford anything from the big brands anytime soon. By soon I mean like 5 years? *sad*

Nvm, going bazaar shopping with some nuffies tomorrow before heading over the Jaya One for the Tiger *Rwar* run, sure hope there will be some awesome stuff at the bazaar tomorrow!

Ok done, back to work!
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The spotted one.

I went on a 2 day photo shooting workshop with Belle sometime back and I found this interesting picture in the whole album of 500+ pictures.

This is a spotted branch, with not much leaves.

There are also nipples on this branch and I was trying to find the most interesting way to snap it. I failed miserably.

such an uninteresting picture of this very interesting looking branch. T_T

Tried shooting some other stuff like random withered leaves.

and random little girls with big cameras.

Yup so this was how I looked attempting to shoot some interesting shots. I'm shooting with belle's camera in the picture below.

I use a Nikon and not a Canon ogay!
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My Dream in the year of the Tiger

I can't believe a month has come and gone in 2010 already! I did not make any new year's resolution this year because I knew how well would I stick to it.

To comfort myself, I shall consciously remind myself that I am Chinese and technically the new year has yet to come for me. Eh speaking of which, how are you prepping yourselves for the New Year? (The Chinese one!).

I still have some time to work on some New Year's resolutions hor since I'm Chinese and all? So here's my dream in the year of the tiger.

Imma come up with a list of random little dreams I have because the actual ones would take me forever to write about.

I want perfect teeth.

I've been having some sort of teeth fetish lately. I'm really attracted to people with beautiful smile (and sexy voices) so I would love to be able to smile wide and proud with my teeth properly inline and stainless.

I want gorgeous hair.

I just got a haircut that made me look 10 (ok la prolly 5 years) years younger. I want a haircut that is absolutely fuss free yet gorgeous cos now it would be literal suicide for me if I were to walk out of the door without fixing my bangs. To illustrate what I'm saying...I kinda look like this when I wake up..

Don't like cats. Eww.

This is the problem with having bangs la, gotta maintain the length and blow dry it to make sure it's not flat. =(

Another dream would be to get a Mazda CX9.

Why Cx 9 is because of the gorgeous curves it has. Don't talk to me about the specs inside of this beauty because all I'd care about is the looks of this ride. What to do, I'm shallow like that.

The above 3 dreams of mine can be made real with cash. So I'm hoping to get some (RM 8,888 is pretty attractive leh!) from the Nuffnang Tiger Run event this weekend @ Jaya One *fingers crossed*.

Maybe I should up my chances of winning (at least best costume?) by going to the event dressed like this.

Yes? No? Uhm? Ah?

Can I continue about my dreams?

Besides wanting some tangible dreams like the ones mentioned above I also want to...

Have a stronger heart.

Cos I'm easily bruised la. I think I'm way too emo for a 22 year old. I should be out there, doing what most 22 year olds do (What do they do?), be happy, cheerful. Not emo like me.

Besides that,

I want also be more positive in embracing whatever comes my way in this life.

Taking baby steps along my way.

Going against the flow if I have to to grow more positively as a person.

Strut around the streets alone in mismatch outfits that could possible get me summoned by the fashion police.

Be more independent and strong even if I have to walk alone. Because I've no idea what's ahead of me...

but I can prep myself with more positivity yea?

ps. No photoshop here, all pictures (except for the CX 9 & ugly cat one) is trademarked kontradikcion la. Maybe I would watermark the pics when I have access to photoshop.

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've finally upgraded my blogger layout to the .XML template, which is much more user friendly! kontradikcion has never had dark themed layout so this is another change for it. (is my blog a he, she or it?)

Can anyone help me? I'm trying to reduce the opacity of the colored box underneath the blogpost title. You know the one that's on top of every single picture in my homepage?

Also, how to not make my pictures shrink to fit the template image holder in my homepage? I want the holder to display a cropped image of my pictures that don't meet the specifications of the placeholder. I don't want my landscape pictures to shrink like that la. So ugly. deng. Is there also a way to show a standard image if my posts don't have any images?

I used to be way more gung ho in figuring out how to get all these things working.

By the way, I'm have alot of CNY songs stuck in my head as a result of going out to the malls infested with CNY songs and hanging around people who wouldn't stop playing them haha.

Picture snapped by Ms Willing.

I shall end this post abruptly with a picture of me in a bright red outfit wishing you a Happy CNY in advance.
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ROI - Random thought

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Beep beep!

Oh my gourd I need to renovate this space.

My layout only looks good on my laptop because I designed it based on the screen resolution of my laptop.

And no, I will neverrr design a layout with textured or colored BG anymore because I can't put up seamless photoshop doodles or photos I ps.

Like the bitter gourd image up there, look at it sitting so oddly in my blog because of the white bg of the picture. The image would look awesome, seamless if i had a white bg and not a textured one.

On to something happier.

I spent one of my last few 50 dollar notes on a beanie.


I don't really know why but I've been wanting to get one of these for quite sometime. It's weird that spending money on silly things like these make me happy.

I'm so shallow.

I choose to be. Not to say I'm not but I would rather be shallow than not. At least I make people feel smarter about themselves when they hang around me (Not that they necessarily are also).

Example, dumb blondes are always giggling and you can see how much laughter they bring to the people around them when they do silly things...so being shallow is not necessarily a bad thing. It's just about simplifying, seeing things as they are (choosing to deliberately ignore even the most obvious of signs that require you to analyze).

Simplifying whatever goes around in your life.

My excuse for being...

just plain stupid.

and shallow.

at least I'm happy right?
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