Time Out During Work

Everyone gets their equal 24 hours, but why am I working at this hour (0044 hours) ?!

I am so sleepy.

My eye bags are so horrible these days that no make up can conceal them.

Erinn used to brand her bags (those underneath her eyes) Prada or was it Gucci?

Imma brand mine Lancel because I'm not so atas and I kinda spotted something I like sometime back when I was doing some research on the company. I'm not very well versed in the bags area, unlike belle who actually remember their names.

What about your bags (eye bags), where are they from?

By the way, a friend just got back from an interview from a company bringing in some of these big brands. I really hope she gets the job as she sounded really excited over the phone. I'm excited for her too because that would mean STAFF PURCHASE and being her friend for over *starts counting* 8 years? I might be able to share some of the benefits, right? Heh, a perfect example of BIRGing.

For psycho illiterate individuals, BIRGing means Basking in Reflected Glory, illustrated in the above situation where I'm trying to associate my friend's success to myself. Those football crazy people are also perfect examples of this social identity theory. In contrast to BIRGing, CORFing is where you try to disassociate with the failures of others, the acronym stands for Cutting Of Reflected Failure.

Enough about brands and psycho talking. Looking at my bank account (Contrary to popular belief, I do check my bank account!), I would not be able to afford anything from the big brands anytime soon. By soon I mean like 5 years? *sad*

Nvm, going bazaar shopping with some nuffies tomorrow before heading over the Jaya One for the Tiger *Rwar* run, sure hope there will be some awesome stuff at the bazaar tomorrow!

Ok done, back to work!


Yuenny said...

father/mother/friend ahhh if you would like to eye branded goods at a more affordable price, remind me to give you a website on monday :D

szewei said...

eeey! love your blog layout! funny how your girls can even think of names for your eye bags!

Michelle Zyenn Teh said...

(yuenny) Weee! Reebonz hor? :P

(szewei) Thanks for dropping by babe =) Hahaha lame people we are, trying to comfort ourselves.

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